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Blink camera red light when recording

Blink camera red light when recording. Have you set up a Blink outdoor camera for your home’s safety but are worried about why the blink camera shows red light during recording? You are not the only one who faces the Blink camera red light blinking issues; this is a common problem.

Blink camera is one of the best rated smart devices in the market, which helps you to record high quality and clear video to keep an eye on everyone. It offers you two years of battery life.

But unfortunately, it flashes red light problems while recording. However, you can easily fix the blink camera’s red light problem without going to the company by reading my guide.

Blink camera red light when recording

Blink camera red light when recording 2023

There is always a specific reason for every issue, likewise, Blink camera red light problems.

So, here, I will discuss the five basic reasons for why there is a red light on Blink camera, along with the best possible solution tips:

Blink Camera Lights Meaning

Usually, blue light activity in the camera shows that the Blink camera records the event accurately. If you are wondering what is the meaning of the red light in Blink camera when recording, then don’t think anymore.

When the Blink outdoor camera flashes red, it may demonstrate that the camera is without an Internet connection, has a low battery, old batteries or has hardware issues.

Let’s check the different red light situations in the Blink camera:

  • When the red light blinks five times in your Blink camera, it means that your camera battery is low and it needs replacement.
  • If the mini Blink camera flashes red light six times, it signifies that the Blink camera’s batteries are damaged and it is unable to connect wifi. You should replace both batteries as a solution.
  • If your Blink camera blinks solid red light, it indicates two reasons that your camera does not connect to the Internet or has an incomplete setup process. It’s better to reset the wifi issues in your router to solve the solid red light on the Blink camera.

Reason 1: Loss of Internet Connection

Blink Camera Loss of Internet Connection

The first reason that your security camera flashes red light is the Internet connection issue.

If the Blink camera fails to detect the wifi signals, it will indicate red light. The Blink camera will not work or can’t record any moments without the Internet.

The wifi does not connect because the router might have a problem. When the wifi connection is established, the mini blink camera will function accurately with normal colour light.

What to Do to Avoid the Internet Issues?

If you notice a problem with your Internet connection, you should ensure that your Blink camera is connected to wifi properly. When you reconnect the Internet, the red light flashing will disappear.

Below are the pretty easy steps that will help you to reconnect the wifi to your Mini Blink camera:

  • Ensure that your mobile phone and Sync module have the same Internet connection.
  • Install the Blink app from the Google app store.
  • Search Settings and select it.
  • Select the System settings and touch the Sync module.
  • Next, change the wifi network and select the Reset button on the Sync Module.
  • Enter the wifi password and tap to join to secure the Internet connection.
  • You will receive the ‘Sync Module added!’ notification when your Blink camera connects to the wifi network.

Reason 2: Low or Dead Batteries

Blink Camera Low or Dead Batteries

The damaged batteries cause the Blink indoor and outdoor camera flashes red.

The Blink camera  indicates red light 5 or 6 times just after the blue light because the camera has a low battery status.

There is a slight difference in the low battery related flashing and the Internet-related red blinking.

Faulty battery related flashing will die out more quickly because there is no more battery to switch on the lights.

How to Check Blink Camera Battery Status?

You can check the battery life or battery information of your Blink camera by following these steps:

  • Install the Blink app.
  • Select the “Camera’s settings“.
  • Check the battery status from the app.

What to do if Batteries are Damage?

You should replace or change the old batteries with high quality batteries for the proper functioning of the Blink camera. I will suggest you to buy reliable AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

Reason 3: Hardware Issues

Blink Camera Hardware Issues

Another possible reason which causes the Blink camera to flash red is the hardware problems.

Hardware issues include defects in the lens, camera circuit problems, sensor issues, USB power cord problems or other problems in the camera.

These hardware related defects in the Blink camera will also lead to red light blinking.

Best Solution

Replace the lens with the best quality lens from a company. If the sensor is damaged, you should also consider changing the sensor. It’s better to purchase a new Blink camera for its accurate working.

Reason 4: Faulty Setup Process of Camera

If you make a mistake in the setup process of the Blink camera, then it will demonstrate the red light. Initially, setting up the Blink camera is a little tricky, especially for new users. So, when the setup process is incomplete, it causes your camera to blink red.

Useful Tip

You should make sure that your Blink camera is set correctly and completely. It is preferable to check the setup process of the outdoor camera to a professional technician.

Reason 5: Motion Detection Mechanism

Blink Camera Motion Detection Mechanism

The motion detection mechanism also causes the Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, Blink XT, and Blink XT2 to show a red light.

When the infrared Blink camera senses the motion or any type of movement, it will indicate red light.

However, the motion detection system is not a significant error; it is a normal function of the cameras.

Troubleshooting Solution

Make sure that there is nothing which moves around the cameras like birds. You should avoid placing the Blink camera where you expect the movement.

How to Reset the Blink Camera?

Resetting the Blink cameras will fix everything and stop the red light from blinking.

  • First, remove both batteries from the camera.
  • Place one battery back into the camera.
  • Press the reset button on the bottom of the Blink camera and insert the second battery simultaneously.
  • Hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the red flashing light turns green or blue.
  • The red light will stop quickly after the reset process.
  • Check the camera to the Blink support if it takes more than 2 minutes to stop the red light.

Final Words

As you can see from my article, it is not too difficult to resolve the blink camera red light when recording. You can stop the red light flashing by replacing the batteries and reconnecting the Internet.

When the Blink camera remains unchecked will lead to financial loss and improper function of the security camera, so I will advise you to notice the Blink camera regularly. Contact the Blink technical team if the above solution tips do not work for your Blink camera.

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