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Can you put shoes in the washer

Can you put shoes in the washer. Keeping your shoes clean can be a challenging task, especially if they have been exposed to dirt, mud, or other forms of grime.

While you may be tempted to throw your shoes into the washing machine to give them a thorough cleaning, you may wonder if this is a safe and effective method.

We will explore whether you can put shoes in the washer and the factors to consider when doing so. By understanding the risks and benefits of washing your shoes in the machine, you can make an informed decision on the best cleaning method for your shoes.

Can you put shoes in the washer

Can you put shoes in the washer 2022 guide

There are many reasons shoes smell as shoes are the top thing that catches dirt and bacteria. The frequent wear of the shoes can cause smell in them, just like you take rest to give them a break too.

We know it’s hard to wait for your favorite shoes, and you want to wear them again and again as your favorite shoes look good on you and give you so much confidence.

Just switch them with others once in a while as regular use of them will cause so much smell. Another reason which causes your shoes to smell is not wearing socks.

The feet produce sweat, and if you are not wearing socks, that sweat will directly transfer to the shoes instead of the socks, which if you had worn then not would be the case.

Some leather does not allow the sweat to breathe and can directly absorb that in it, and yeah, some shoes are made of such material which absorbs the sweat which leads to the smell out of it.

Guide to washing your shoes

Guide to washing your shoes

  • However, you can clean/wash your shoes in a washer but first, know which type of shoes can be washed in the washer as it is not like washing clothes. One wrong step can lead to damage to to your shoes or sometimes the appliance as well.
  • Remember not to wash the leather shoes as it does not go well with the machine, yet you can wash your favourite sneaker and tennis shoes; these will go well with the washing machine as some of our clothes are made of that fabric used in the shoes too.
  • Before putting your shoes into the washer, remember to get those laces and insole out. Put your laces into a separate bag, and then go for washing.
  • The shoes’ insoles will not be washed in the washer; you must clean them by hand to get that odor out. Wash them with warm water.
  • You’re very protective towards and shoes; that’s why you are here, and you do not want the color of your shoes to be ruined by a wash; hence the setting of the washer should be balanced.
  • Wash them with a very mild detergent and use cold water as the cold cycle will not ruin the fabric and color of the shoes. Keep the speed of the spin low as well.
  • You should keep the cycle balanced as this will prevent you from damaging the machine and shoes. To maintain the balance add two or three towels with the shoes and start the process; also, before washing, put your shoes into a bag for more safety.
  • If your shoes are extremely dirty and there is a nasty smell, you can add a disinfectant to them. The disinfectant should be eighty percent oil and also washed with warm water in that case because the disinfectants work effectively with warm water.

Drying shoes in the dyer

Now you have to wash the shoes, and you must be wondering whether you should put them in a dryer or not.

The answer is NO, yes you should not put your shoes into the dryer as the dryer can destroy the shape of your shoes.

It will shrink your shoes as the dryers have high temperatures, and that can damage your shoes.

The only way to dry your shoes in let them air dry.

Yeah, that’s the best you can do for them; if you can’t wait that long, put them under the fan and place some small towels in them. This will quicken the drying process of the shoes.

Bottom Line

Putting your shoes in the washing machine can be a convenient and effective way to clean them, but it’s important to consider several factors before doing so. Factors such as the type of shoes, the material they’re made of, and the condition of the shoes must be taken into account. While washing some shoes in the machine can be safe and effective, others may require alternative cleaning methods, such as hand-washing or spot cleaning. It’s also important to properly prepare your shoes for washing by removing any excess dirt or debris and protecting delicate parts. By taking these precautions and following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can ensure that your shoes are safely and effectively cleaned.

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