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Frigidaire dishwasher heating element replacement

Frigidaire dishwasher heating element replacement. Dishwashers are one of the most used and important kitchen appliances. These products are used to get your dishes in a minutes.

Every household must have a dishwasher now because it becomes very difficult to work without it. Nowadays, the dishwasher is present in every household as it is necessary for everyday life. Frigidaire dishwashers are the most trusted dishwasher by everyone out there.

Every dishwasher uses a heating element to heat and dry the dishes being washed in a dishwasher.

Frigidaire dishwasher heating element replacement

Frigidaire dishwasher heating element replacement 2022 guide

You need to follow the following steps to get the heating element replaced in your Frigidaire dishwasher.

Step 1: Turn off the electricity

The first and main step while replacing your dishwasher’s heating element is to turn off the power supply.

This is the most important step as the dishwasher is an electrically powered appliance, and fixing the dishwasher with electricity can be fatal.

Also, disconnect all power supplies connected to the dishwasher. Along with this, you need to remove the access panel so you can access the dishwasher easily and proceed further.

Step 2: Turn off the water supply

A dishwasher uses water to function and is connected to a water supply. This water supply provides the maximum water to get the dishes done easily.

The next step after turning off all the electrical supplies is to turn off the dishwasher’s water supply. For this, you need to turn off the dishwasher water through the shutoff valve.

Step 3: Detach the drain line

Detach the drain line

After disconnecting the water supply and power supplies, the next step is to detach the dishwasher drain line. To do this, you must locate the dishwasher’s drain line.

Once you know where the drain line is, the next step is to detach it. Very carefully detach the drain line.

Step 4: Remove the Broken Heating Element

The next step is to unthread the screws of the dishwasher and very cautiously reach out to the dishwasher’s heating element.

Now you need to remove the broken heating element of the dishwasher so that you can replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Disconnect the thermal wirings

After this step, you need to disconnect the thermal wiring. For this, you need to unthread the screws and nuts so that the wiring can be removed easily.

Sometimes, the wiring is tight and cannot be easily removed. You must ensure the screws are loose enough and the wiring is removed properly.

Step 6: Install the new heating element

The next step is to install a brand new heating element. While placing the new heating element in the dishwasher, do this very carefully as your minor mistake can lead to major inconvenience for you.

Also, secure the dishwasher in the retaining clips and make sure the dishwasher is secured and is good to use now.

Step 7: Secure the electrical wiring

After this process, connect the dishwasher with the electricity and all the electrical connections and secure the electrical wirings.

Also, perform all the electrical work carefully because dealing carelessly with the electrical appliances can be fatal and dangerous.

Step 8: Connect the drain hose

connect the drain hose

Finally, the last step is to connect the dishwasher’s drain hose with the water supply and garbage disposal.

Ensure you connect the drain hose and the drain line properly, as not connecting it properly can lead to leakage in your dishwasher and damage your heating element.



How do you know that heating element of your dishwasher is not working?

One of the results that your heating element is broken can be the reason for the dirty dishes that are washed in the dishwasher.

Dishwashers use hot water to clean the words, but if due, for some reason, the water is not coming hot enough, then the dishes are not washed properly and are not sanitized; that is the reason for dirty dishes.

Why are the dishes cold even after they are washed?

When they come out of the dishwasher, the dishes are generally warm. There is no coldness in the dishes. The reason that your dishes are cold or not warm can be due to faulty heating.

Why do the dishes come wet from the dishwasher?

One of the reasons your dishes are wet from the dishwasher can be due to the broken heating element of the dishwasher.

The dishwasher has a heating element that dries the dishes and removes all the water. But if due, for some reason, the dishwasher heating element is not working, then this can cause the dishwasher not to dry the dishes properly.


Dishwashers are one of the world’s most important products and kitchen appliances. It is very important nowadays. So, if you face any issue, you must get it repaired as soon as possible. In case of any problem related to the dishwasher, you don’t need to worry as it is not a very serious problem. Also, you don’t need to panic because this issue can be easily solved by following simple and easy steps. By following some simple steps, you can easily replace the heating element of your Frigidaire dishwasher.

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