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Frigidaire dryer wont turn ON

Frigidaire dryer wont turn ON. When it comes to home appliances, there is a variety of brands in the market that offer their gadgets with different features ranging from different selling prices.

Air-drying clothes can take a lot of time compared to the dryer, as the wet clothes in the air can take two or even more days to dry completely; basically, that drying depends on the weather.

On the contrary, drying clothes in the dryer take a few minutes, and you’re done. Clothes drying in the air can catch grime and dust, which leads the bacteria to grow on the fiber.

Just buy a dryer and stop worrying about dust and grime. If you already have one and for some reason, it is not starting, and you’re questioning yourself, then stop; it is not a rare case; a Frigidaire dryer isn’t starting is a very common problem.

Frigidaire dryer wont turn ON

Frigidaire dryer wont turn ON 2022 issue

We are here to guide you and explain why your Frigidaire dryer is not turning on. Let’s look at the possible reasons.

Insufficient Power

Electric appliances need electricity. Lol! Before complaining about the brand or calling the appliance repair service, check out the power supply.

If your dryer is not getting enough power, it is not turning on. If you’re using an extension cord, that could be the reason, too, as some extensions do not deliver the proper amount of power to the dryer, so plug your dryer with an available electric outlet.

If your circuit is damaged or fused, reset the breaker and replace the blown a fuse with the new one. Insufficient power can be the reason for your Frigidaire dryer not starting over.

Damaged Start Switch

Even after pressing the start button for more than five seconds and your dryer isn’t turning on, your start switch is probably defective.

You can test your start button using a multimeter, which will check its continuity, and if it is insufficient, then you need to replace your start switch with a new one.

Failed Motor

The last thing which can cause your Frigidaire dryer not to turn on can be the failed motor. Due to frequent use, the motor can blow out and overheat, and the clogged vents can cause the motor to fail.

That’s why your Frigidaire dryer is not starting. Remember that replacing the failed motor is a complex job; you cannot do it yourself, so call a professional to help you.

Door not closed

Frigidaire dryer starts functioning if its door is completely closed and latched. You must hear a sound when closing the door that shows your dryer is latched; if it’s not, then test it with the help of a multimeter.

If it’s defective, then you should replace it. Not staring at your Frigidaire dryer could be because the door is not completely closed.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Blown Thermal Fuse

The function of a thermal fuse is to protect your dryer from overheating.

It is found near an electric dryer heating element; if the thermal fuse is overheated, it will affect the overall functioning of your dryer.

Check out your dryer fuse using a multimeter for the blown fuse; if it is damaged or fused, then replacement is needed.

False Setting

The incorrect dryer setting can be another reason for your dryer not starting over. Different models of Frigidaire have different features such as delayed start, Air Fluff, Damp dry, and others like the control lock.

If you have enabled any of the features, then that’s why your dryer is taking too long to dry out your wet laundry or not starting at all.

To fix this, check out the setting of your Frigidaire appliance. Every load requires a different cycle setting, so turn on the correct cycle for your load.

Your dryer can be enabled to lock the button as well, so check the control button. Also, before staring, don’t leave the button immediately; press it for five to eight seconds and then leave it.

Faulty Control Board

If you are in an endless hassle with switching on your dryer every 15 minutes, then don’t do it; your control board is probably damaged or faulty.

Restarting your dryer, again and again, is not the solution. You need to call the professional and check your appliance; if the issue is with the control board, replacement is necessary, as that’s why your Frigidaire dryer is not starting over.

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