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How to clean a freezer

How to clean a freezer. When it comes to cleaning a kitchen you must made a list of what appliances you want to clean. You should be aware of the fact that every appliance have different features and it required different kind of cleaning compared to other.

Such as a dishwasher and a washer simply. Both functions differently so both require different steps of cleaning. Anyway while cleaning you almost forgot to clean the freezer or you leave it for another day and that day never comes.

You ignore it because you think it is not necessary to clean your freezer as bacteria can’t grow in there.

FYI you’re wrong!

Yes, there are bacteria which can grow in the freezer and will grow with your stored frozen items. Hence it is very crucial to clean a freezer.

You must know how important a freezer is for your home. It is not for luxury but for necessary as it makes so much ease for us. We can store our food in it and in that way we don’t have to go market again and again.

It keeps our meet fresh and any leftover food can be stored in it for later. So owning a freezer is such a life saver as life has become busier and busier day by day and we can’t spend our time cooking whole day and going to shop every other day.

How to clean a freezer

how to clean a freezer 2022 step by step guide

There are three kind of freezers available in the market and the very popular one is combination refrigerator-freezer.

It is in almost every house and people think buying it will be beneficial for them as it consumes less energy and electricity as compared to others.

Yet, they are wrong it consumes 11% of electricity and in which 7% is only consumed by refrigerator.

Also this kind of appliance is only for small families not for extended and large families as it stores less food which is not enough for large families and with that if you do not have enough space in your kitchen then combination refrigerator freezer would be the best choice for you.

Below are the steps to enlighten you how to clean your combination refrigerator freezer.

Usually in the combination refrigerator freezer the freezer section is located above the refrigerator.

Step 1: Inspect The Food

First inspect your food to know that how long it has been frozen and either you need to throw it away or keep it.

If you don’t know how long you should keep your food stored in the freezer than do not worry we have mentioned the lasting time of your frozen food.

  • You can freeze your chicken if it’s raw for up to nine months approximately.
  • You can store your chopped beef in the freezer if it is raw or even cooked for up to four months approximately.
  • You can freeze your eggs for up to twelve months approximately.
  • Your soups and any other leftover food item can be stored in the freezer for up to three months safely.
  • Sausages can last in your freezer for up to a month only.

Now that you know the lasting time of your food so before cleaning the freezer if any food item is above the mentioned time period you should throw it away as it is now infected with bacteria.

Step 2: Defrost It

After sorting the food items in the freezer it is now time to defrost your freezer. It is an important step in cleaning the freezer.

However, do remember to unplug it and also don’t forget to shift your food item that is stored in the refrigerator to the cooler or some other cooling space for a while.

As it’s a combination refrigerator freezer so unplugging will affect the refrigerator as well.

Latest combination refrigerator freezers have a feature of defrosting you can start that but if in your fridge it in not then do not worry you can do it manually by putting a hot water can in the freezer and close down the door for a while. In the mean time you can wash the shelving’s and drawers in your sink.

If not the hot water than there are other ways too to defrost your freezer like you can do this with your hair dryer but don’t forget using an electric appliance near the water can be risky as it is dangerous. So it’s better to be careful!

Step 3: Disinfect The Fridge

The next step is to disinfect the freezer as now it has defrosted. You can disinfect your freezer by wiping it with the vinegar, water and baking soda paste.

As vinegar is known for disinfecting and baking soda will leave your freezer with fresh smell. So damp the cloth with this paste and after a while wipe it off.

If the freezer is too greasy use the bleach method but it is kind of harmful for you so wear gloves before cleaning the freezer with bleach and water mixture. Do not leave the grooves of the freezer clean them with the help of a tooth brush.

Step 4: Turn ON the Fridge

Turn ON the Fridge

The last and the final step is to cool down your freezer and restock the food. Once it has clean properly now allow it to dry completely by plugging in the switch and closing the door.

After some time check if the temperature has reached to zero and freezer it properly cooled then restock your food item again and enjoy.

Note: Keep a check on your food items for how long they should be freeze. You can do this for your memory by labelling the food before freezing it. This will help you in cleaning your freezer. Do clean your freezer once in a month.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your freezer is an essential task that should be done regularly to maintain its optimal performance and ensure the safety and freshness of your food. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively clean and sanitize your freezer, removing any built-up ice, dirt, and odors. Remember to unplug your freezer before cleaning, and use the proper cleaning supplies and techniques to avoid damaging the appliance. With a clean and well-maintained freezer, you can enjoy your food for longer and avoid any potential health hazards. Regular cleaning will also help prolong the lifespan of your freezer, ensuring that it continues to perform at its best for years to come.

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