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How to Improve Ventilation In A Kitchen Without Windows

how to improve ventilation in a kitchen without windows

How to improve ventilation in a kitchen without windows. Good air circulation is crucial as it helps maintain temperature and makes inhalation easier for you.

Plus, if you are a foodie and enjoy cooking and baking, you need to be in a good air-circulated area as it keeps you safe from many respiratory problems.

These respiratory issues are caused by airborne particles and odors that irritate your eyes and skin; hence it is very important to have good air circulation.

A real challenge is keeping good air circulation or good ventilation in a kitchen. There are ways to help you, don’t worry, as I can understand the struggle of cooking in stagnant air and striving against the steam, heat, etc.

If your kitchen lacks a window and you are worried about ventilation, you don’t need to panic, as we have listed some solutions that will help you improve your kitchen’s ventilation.

The chief proposal of this article is on the various fans you can use and some other gadgets, but first, let’s help you out without any additional appliances.

How to Improve Ventilation In A Kitchen Without Windows

improve ventilation in a kitchen 2022 guide

  • Before using the kitchen open the doors for a few minutes and switch on any fans or range hoods. This will prep the air and start the air to move in and out of the kitchen in a cycle form. When you are in the kitchen, the circulation would be much better.
  • Switching on the fan when the kitchen is hot and steamy is not recommended as it disturbs the air, and the airflow gets messy in just a few minutes.
  • I know your kitchen is windowless, but your home isn’t, so open some nearby windows to let the fresh air. Apart from the external fans, fresh air is very beneficial.
  • Finally, one more thing you can do is set any small fan across the kitchen close to the door. This will help the air absorb the hot steam and not move in a circular pattern inside the kitchen.

Next, I’m mentioning some other fans that might help you improve the ventilation of a windowless kitchen.

Ceiling Fan

ceiling fans to improve ventilation

Ceiling fans are there to help you if your kitchen does not have a window. Install a ceiling fan in your kitchen as it will not allow the hot air to settle down and keep moving around.

Don’t worry about the cost. There are many ceiling fans available in the market which are very budget-friendly.

Even if your kitchen space is very small, ceiling fans are compact enough to fit in the small area.

Extractor Fan

If you have a windowless kitchen and your ceiling is not high enough, then you must need something compact, which is an extractor fan.

These extractor fans can capture and distribute the steam made by cooking. That is helpful, but it is a home maintenance hassle.

Range Hoods

kitchen range hood to improve ventilation

Sometimes the cooking odor is very annoying, and if you can’t bear it anymore, you need to install a range hood.

It will not only help to lessen your kitchen’s odor but also improve air circulation.

Do not forget to change the hood’s filter often, and before cooking on them, it also captures the particulates made by steam and grease.

Maintenance of range hoods is crucial if you want them to last longer and improve the ventilation in your windowless kitchen.

Air Purifying Plants

Plants are great for air circulation; an indoor plant is what you need for your home if you want to improve air circulation.

Just choose the right plant for your home. We have listed below some indoor plants that will help purify the air inside your house.

  • Barberton Daisy
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Weeping Fig
  • Dragon Tree
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Broad Lady Palm

These are some of the plants which can help you out in ventilation as some are good in reducing the airborne particles, some help to breathe better, some battle toxins, some fight pollutants, and much more.

Hence these indoor plants not only add color to your home but also purify the air. Their maintenance is up to you to do proper research on them before purchasing.


The tips are given above surely help you as there are many other ways to improve the air ventilation in your kitchen if it is windowless. Proper air ventilation is very good for you and your family’s health.


What can you put over a sink with no window?

You can put a mirror or hang art of your choice; you can also install some fun backsplash.

How do you install a light in a windowless kitchen?

You can brighten your windowless kitchen by doing a fresh coat of white paint in your kitchen.

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