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How to remove ice maker from Samsung fridge

How to remove ice maker from Samsung fridge. Samsung refrigerators are frequently used kitchen appliances whose function is to preserve food.

It works all day, but sometimes it can stop working for unexpected or unknown reasons. There are many reasons why your refrigerator might stop working normally. Sometimes this is also due to the icemaker of your Samsung fridge.

You must remove and replace your ice maker if it is not working. In this article, you will learn all the possible ways to remove your Samsung refrigerator ice maker that is too old now.

Samsung refrigerator’s ice makers give ice in crushed and cubed forms. But if it starts providing ice in only one form for unknown reasons, then there is something wrong with the ice maker.

How to remove ice maker from Samsung fridge

Remove ice maker from Samsung fridge 2022 guide

The following are the steps to replace or remove the ice maker of your Samsung refrigerator.

Step 1: Turn off the electrical supplies

The first step in removing the ice maker is to turn off the electrical supplies. This is the first and foremost step because the Samsung refrigerator is an electrically powered kitchen appliance, and it works with the help of electricity.

Opening the Samsung refrigerator with a power supply can be dangerous and fatal for you. So, make sure all the power supplies are turned off.

Step 2: Separate the icemaker

The next step after switching off the power supplies is to remove the two screws that hold the icemaker to the freezer’s ceiling.

After doing this, you need to wiggle the top edge down. You do this step to free the two tans that are present. After this, you need to unplug the wires.

The tabs are locked; to do this, you need to unlock the tabs, and after this, you need to unplug the wires.

After unlocking the tab, the ice maker is completely separated from the refrigerator, and now you can easily replace it. Also, remove the white plastic divider from the icemaker by unthreading the Philip screws.

Step 3: Remove the Dispenser solenoid

The next step is to remove the dispenser solenoid. For this, two tabs are present that are locked. You need to unlock these tabs and then proceed further.

To remove the Dispenser solenoid, you need to remove the screws. When you unthread the screws, the solenoid will automatically come out of the box, and in this way, very easily, the dispenser solenoid is removed.

Step 4: Install the new ice Dispenser solenoid

After removing the old Dispenser solenoid, the next step is to install a brand new dispenser solenoid.

While installing the new solenoid in your Samsung refrigerator, ensure that you do this very cautiously, or you may damage your new ice dispenser.

Also, make sure to place an ice dispenser in the same location from which you had removed your previous or old ice dispenser.

Step 5: Reassemble the icemaker

The next step is to reassemble the ice maker. Put the screws back, also reattach the cover. Put the icemaker back into the box, and your brand new icemaker is ready to use now.

Step 6: Plug in the wires

Plug in the wires

The last and final step is to plug in the wires again.

Switch on all the refrigerator’s power supplies and plug in all the wires. Connect all the electrical wires also.


After how much time do I need to replace my Samsung ice maker?

This depends on the condition of the Samsung ice maker. Also, you need to change the ice maker when it is not working properly.

The purpose of an ice maker inside the refrigerator is to make cubed and crushed ice. So, you must change your ice maker after a specific time to eliminate any inconvenience caused by broken or damaged water filters.

Where is my ice maker located in the refrigerator?

Ice makers are present in a specific location in the refrigerator. These ice dispensers are in the box that is tied with the help of the Philips screws.

Can you remove the Samsung ice maker by yourself?

No, you don’t need to take help from any professional while changing the Samsung ice maker; it is no more a difficult task now.

It can easily be removed by following some simple steps. By following these steps, you can easily change the Samsung ice maker without taking help from any professional.


We can say that the ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator is a very important part, and they need to be replaced when they cannot be used and are too old. Ice makers are also used to make a different kinds of ice. So, after reading this article, you can remove the icemaker easily.

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