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How to stop a washing machine from shaking

How to stop a washing machine from shaking? There is no doubt that the washing machine is one of the most vital appliances in our homes.

Washing machines are essential as it is like a helping hand for us in doing house chores. There can be many problems with a washing machine; shaking or vibrating is one.

Right after you turn on your machine, you will feel like something is collapsing under the earth, or you might guess it is an earthquake.

Do not fear and keep your chin up because the entire building is not falling apart; it is your washing machine that is shaking.

It is not a rare problem; you can fix it easily, but you can’t ignore it because it will also damage your machine and your ground. First, you need to figure out the reason behind the shaking of your washing machine.

How to stop a washing machine from shaking

Before going to fix this issue, first see some reasons behind shaking machine:

Unbalanced Weight Distribution

uneven weight distribution in washing machine

If you’re facing the problem of sometimes shaking means it does not shake every time you wash, it is because of uneven or unequal weight.

You might be washing something heavy like a hard pillow or a carpet, or it can be anything that is overweight.

When the machine starts, your large stuff wraps and forms a heavy ball, and when the machine spins, it will push the load beyond the drum, and then the machine will shake.

Washer Is Uneven

If your machine is shaking every day, try to wash; the problem can be an unalike or bumpy washer. The washer can be off track; with each load, it can shake.

To see if it is the reason for shaking, you can check by tipping the machine with a bit of pressure from side to side; if you can jiggle it, then the washer is uneven.

Clogged Filter

washing machine clogged filter

Yes, a blocked or clogged filter can be a cause of shaking. The purpose of filters in the washing machine is to check if there is anything that can’t be entered into the water hose.

If there is, then the filters will catch them. If there is noise throughout the cycle, something like a coin or a pin is caught in the filter.

Something Is Broken

There are many functions in the washing machine that are installed, and if any of them, like shock absorbers or suspension rods, anything is broken, then it will be the cause behind the shaking of your washing machine.

Now you’re aware of the causes behind the shaking of your washing machine, and it is time to fix them. Below are the solutions that will guide you on how you can fix your vibrating washing machine.

Even Out the Load

Do not wash every item at once, especially if it is large and heavy. You need to keep your washing stuffed balance so that your machine can spin easily. Even with the uneven load, your machine will not shake after this.

Track Bolts Are Not Removed

Track bolts are also commonly called transit bolts to keep the machine’s drum in place. You can say they are used as the transportation or carriage of a washing machine.

If you do not remove them, they will be the cause of shaking your washing machine. If you don’t remove it, then it will damage your washer spin, and also, it will damage the concrete blocks.

Detach Transit Blocks

detach transit blocks in washing machine

You should remove the transit during the installation, but if you’re uncertain about them, you can check them they are maybe at the back of the machine washer or outside the drum.

They are like large bolts. You don’t need to worry. These bolts are easy to spot; you can remove them by yourself.

Do not throw them away. Keep these bolts with you; maybe you want to move your gadget someday.

Mop the Filter

At the base of your washer, a small panel is your filter; you can easily clean it. Turn off your machine, loosen your filter slowly, and drain all the dirt and debris.

Even Out the Washer

Sometimes the washer can be a problem by its very nature. To balance it:

  1. Adjust the feet of your washer if you feel like it is uneven.
  2. Remove the machine from power and remove the water too, then check the flooring; it has to be level and solid if it is not, then there is damage.
  3. Look at the pads; if they’re not damaged or loose, you’re good to go. If these rubber pads are broken or loose, you need to replace them as they help reduce the vibration and are located below the washer’s feet.


There is a solution to every problem; all you need to do is find the problem and have a will to fix it. After looking at the cause, I am sure you will be able to select the shaking of your washing machine. If nothing helps them, something else is broken, look for a professional otherwise, replacement is always an option.

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