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Kitchen Sink Not Getting Hot Water

kitchen sink not getting hot water

Kitchen sink not getting hot water. A kitchen sink is something we use every day. We can’t avoid it as it is the most utilized installation in our homes.

Nowadays, there are various kitchen sinks available in the market; it’s up to you which one of them you for your home. However, a kitchen sink has pros and cons, like everything.

It can get problematic sometimes. The one problem could be your kitchen sink not getting hot water. If you’re facing this problem, this article will be beneficial for you as we will look into the problem and its solution.

No hot water in a kitchen sink is not a rare problem. Almost everyone has to face this. This can be diagnosed, and fixing it is quite easy.

You must be thinking it is an unnerving task, but it’s not like it is quite easy to fix. All you need is an authentic guide and a commitment to fix it.

Kitchen Sink Not Getting Hot Water

kitchen sink not getting hot water 2022 fix

There are a number of reasons why your kitchen sink is not getting hot water. It can be a simple blockage or a broken pipe, or a faulty valve. Find the root cause of your problem because sometimes it can be more complex than you’re thinking.

The first thought you would have must be that your water heater is broken. That’s why your kitchen sink is not getting hot water, but it can be a closed valve preventing the flow of how water.

Check the faucet, open the valve and check by running the hot water. Sometimes it can be the faucet itself; it might be leaking.

Below are the possible reasons why there’s no hot water in your sink:


blockage in kitchen sink

If the water is not hot, then it not possible that you will have hot water, and the reason behind this is the faulty water heater.

There can be other possible causes like the clogged valves or pipes may be due to low pressure by the worn-out pipes.

When you’re using the garbage disposal, the valve can be clogged with food particles, which can be the reason for the blocked hot water valve. These valves oversee the hot water from the water heater.

Check the valves by yourself, look below the sink, and confirm that all the valves are turned on or not. Do check the leaks in the pipe and set the water pressure properly.

There can be an obstruction with the faucet or its pipe; you need to look at that. If there is still no hot water, try to turn the valve further. If it does not work, then the problem is the faucet. Inspect the water heater as well. It might be causing your faucet to lose heat.

Rust and Corrosion

rust in kitchen sink

We have mentioned before that you should always check on your water heater. It gets old with time and becomes faulty, which is the cause of the lack of hot water in your kitchen.

The water heater does not work the same as it used to work when you first purchased it. It becomes faulty and does not heat the water, and now is the time for its replacement.

Open your water heater valve, evacuate water as much as you can, and turn on the circuit breaker if it has an electric heating feature.

With the help of light, see the tank and check if there is any rust or corrosion. If you see rust or corrosion, you need to replace the entire aggregation because there is no other solution for rusting.

If your water heater is leaking from the basal, you should look for a plumber. There are many reasons for no hot water coming from your sink, and rust or corrosion of the water heater is one of them.

Defective heating feature

The heating element in your sink can be defective, and it can be the reason for no hot water from your kitchen sink.

Address your heating element and check if there is filth or carrion in there or not. Before checking, do turn off the power and water supply.

By using an ohmmeter, you can test your heating element or feature. To confirm if it is damaged or not. If you see any sign of rust or corrosion in your heating element, all you should do is get a new one and replace it with that.


What can I do to increase the amount of hot water?

Add a mixing valve to your water heater, increasing the hot water.

Will increasing the temperature make the hot water remain longer?

You can raise the thermostat setting to the maximum limit. This will remain the hot water last longer.


Kitchen sink not getting hot water. Examine the problem that is causing no hot water coming from your kitchen sink and then call a plumber but first try to repair it yourself. Hopefully, by reading this article, you have diagnosed your problem, and you will solve your sink problem by looking at solutions.

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