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LG TV says wifi is turned off

LG TV says wifi is turned off. It is quite frustrating when the smart device is unable to connect to the Internet. Don’t worry if you face this problem. Today, I will solve your wifi connection problem by providing easy fixing methods.

Undoubtedly, LG smart TVs are considered the best and top technology brand in the market that offers amazing image quality and high-quality audio. But sometimes users face wifi connection problems. However, this is not a big issue if you know how to fix it by yourself.

Keep reading the article till the end to understand how to resolve the wifi turned-off issue.

LG TV says wifi is turned off

LG TV says wifi is turned off

Before knowing the fixation methods, it’s better to comprehend the reasons and causes of wifi disconnecting problem. Your LG Tv can’t connect wifi due to the following major reasons:

  • Wrong date and time
  • Old and outdated software
  • Change wifi Password
  • Software bugs
  • Wifi connection errors
  • Inappropriate DNS settings
  • Faulty Tv Hardware
  • Problem in router

How to Fix LG TV Wifi Turned Off Issue?

You can easily fix the disconnecting wifi issue in your LG TV by restarting the TV, power cycling the router, changing the date and time settings, altering the DNS settings, straightening the wires of the router with your fingers, checking the router, cleaning the wifi module on the smart TV, factory resetting TV, and changing the country settings.

Let’s discuss each step to fix the LG TV WIFI problem.

1. Restart Your LG TV

You can solve your smart television’s wifi turning off issue by simply restarting or power cycling your LG TV. As, The latest smart Tv also undergoes software bugs like mobile phones, which causes wifi connection errors.

You can fix it by rebooting and turning the On/Off Tv. Consider the following steps for restarting your TV:

  • First, unplug your LG TV from the power socket.
  • Then wait for just 2 minutes.
  • Now plug the LG Tv again into the power outlet.
  • In the end, restart
  • Check whether the wifi is turned on; if not, move to the next step.

2. Set the Time and Date Settings

Set the Time and Date Settings

A wrong time and date in the smart television also contribute to the reason for the LG Tv to say that wifi is turned off.

So, you should verify the time and date in your LG smart Tv when the auto updates occurred, or the system software is changed.

You can set the date and time by clicking the gear button in your remote, then go to All Settings> General> Date and Time and set it accurately.

3. Check Your wifi Router

You should check your wifi router when the LG TV shows wifi is Turned Off. Sometimes, the problem occurs in your router, which blocks the Internet connection in the smart television.

However, you can solve the wifi connection difficulty by restarting your Router or Modem. Also, verify whether the password of the wifi is correct or not.

Then select the “Network >> wifi connection” in your LG TV, find the wifi, enter the password, and connect it again.

4. Change DNS Settings

Change DNS Settings

You can also restore the Internet connection in your LG smart TV by adjusting the DNS (Domain Name System) settings. Below are the simple tips for setting the DNS settings:

  • Select the Menu option in the smart TV, then go to All Settings.
  • Press the Network settings > General > Network configuration by using the remote.
  • Then go to wifi settings, click Edit, and move to the IP address field
  • Connect the DNS address in the “DNS server” area.
  • Then check whether an external DNS fixes the issue or not; you should substitute the DNS value with Google’s Free DNS value by entering numbers “” and “” in the DNS field.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

If the above troubleshooting methods are not working, then you should try to perform a factory reset on your LG LED.

The factory reset option in the smart device deletes everything and removes every incorrect data file that can cause WIFI connection problems.

You can do a factory reset on the TV by looking at the below step-by-step guide:

  • Firstly select the Home by using LG TV remote.
  • Go to the
  • Then press General Menu.
  • Select Reset on the smart Tv.
  • Confirm the

Let your TV go through the setup process when the factory reset is complete. After the setup process, connect wifi and wait for 15 minutes.

6. Clean the Wifi Module

Another effective method for turning on the wifi in the LG TV is cleaning or replacing the wifi module. You can fix the wifi error in your LG TV by carefully placing your TV on the flat side and removing the screws using the screwdriver.

Then clean the wifi module at the lower surface of the TV with a soft brush. If the ribbon in the module is bent, consider straightening the ribbon. Cover back the Tv by tightening the screws. Plug the Tv into a power socket and connect the wifi.


What should I do when my LG TV says wifi is turned off?

Firstly, you should restart your Tv and set the time and date accordingly. Check the DNS settings. Cleaning the wifi module in the Tv and factory rest option also fixes the wifi connection problem. Straightening the wifi module is also helpful in connecting to the Internet.

How do I connect the wifi on the LG Tv?

You can turn back ON the Wi-Fi in your LG TV by clicking “Quick Setting Menu” and selecting “Network” from the setting menu. Select wifi and add the password. By pressing “Ok,” you will connect to the wifi.

Why does my LG Tv not connect to the wifi?

Your LG TV turns off the wifi because of improper wifi signals, incorrect time and date, outdated software, defective hardware, and connection problems in the router.

Final Words

I hope you can successfully solve the wifi connection error in your LG TV by using the above perfect strategies. Now, you can enjoy your favorite Tv show without an Internet disconnecting problem. Usually, factory reset, date/time setting, changing the DNS settings, and cleaning the module solve the problem; if your LG Tv does not fix the problem, you must check your LG TV to the technician. In the end, I suggest you to buy a Roku or Firestick instead of replacing the wifi module when your LG TV says wifi is turned off.

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