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LG washer not draining

LG washer not draining. LG washers are a popular choice among consumers for their high-quality performance and reliability. However, if you’ve noticed that your LG washer is not draining, it can be a frustrating and concerning experience.

A washer that doesn’t drain properly can result in wet and soapy clothes, and in some cases, it could even lead to water damage in your home. There could be several reasons why your LG washer is not draining, from clogged filters or hoses to a malfunctioning pump or control board.

It’s essential to take immediate action to investigate the root cause of the problem and resolve it to prevent any further damage or inconvenience.

LG washer not draining

lg washer not draining 2022 troubleshooting

These issues can be solved easily by doing some simple techniques.

But sometimes some problems cannot be solved by yourself, but you need professional help to solve these issues.

The following are the steps you need to do to solve the problem.

Drain hose is clogged

One of the main reasons that your LG washer is not draining can be due to the clogged drain hose. Sometimes this drain hose is even bent or knitted.

Due to this, the LG washer stops draining and creates inconvenience. Another reason for the LG washer not draining can be due to the blockage of this hose.

First, try that this hose can be repaired, but if due to any reason the hose can’t be repaired, then you need to replace the hose.

Here’s how to clean clogged drain hose of your washing machine:

  1. Turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker.
  2. Turn off the water supply to the washing machine by closing the valve under the sink or at the main water supply.
  3. Locate the drain hose at the back of the washing machine and detach it from the drain pipe or standpipe.
  4. Use a bucket or pan to collect any water that comes out of the hose.
  5. Inspect the inside of the drain hose for any blockages or debris. If there is any visible blockage, use a long brush or a plumber’s snake to clear it.
  6. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a cup of vinegar or bleach.
  7. Submerge the drain hose in the bucket and let it soak for 30 minutes to an hour.
  8. Use a cleaning brush or sponge to clean the exterior of the drain hose.
  9. After soaking, remove the drain hose from the bucket and rinse it thoroughly with hot water.
  10. Reattach the drain hose to the drain pipe or standpipe and tighten it securely.
  11. Turn on the water supply and run the washing machine through a cycle to ensure that it’s draining properly.

Height of the Drain

Another reason that your LG washer can’t drain properly is because of the improper height of the drain. If it is not placed at a proper distance, then this can cause the drain not to function properly.

If the drain is not at a proper height, then the water is not drained from it, and due to this, the mold can also start growing inside the drain. Due to this, the washer doesn’t drain properly.

Too much detergent

If you are using too much detergent in the washing machine, this can also cause the drain not to work properly.

Using too much detergent can also alter your drain’s functioning and cause it not to work properly. So, while using an LG washer, make sure to use an equal amount of detergent. It should not be too much in its amount.

Drain pump is faulty

drain pump is faulty

If your drain pump is not working and is damaged or is faulty, then due to this also, the LG washer stops working. This can cause the drain not to work properly.

Due to this, the LG washer stops draining. To solve this problem and get rid of this, you need to replace this or get a new drain pump.

Drain filter is clogged

One of the main and major reasons for the LG washer not draining can be clogging. Clogging is one of the leading causes nowadays.

It is very common in the washing machine. Most of the time, molds and blockages occur, and that can cause the normal functions of the washer to alter.

This is due to clogging and blockage. This blockage, as well as clogging, can be treated with the help of vinegar and hot water.

For a more effective result, you can also use some baking soda. This will give you the most effective results.

Coin trap is defective

These LG washers have a drain pump specifically designed to remove water from the machine with the help of a specially designed coin trap.

This coin trap is used to lessen the energy so the clothes can be washed easily. This coin trap, due to any reason, can also get defective.

If this coin trap is defective or this coin trap is not working, then that can disturb the normal function of the LG washer. As a result, the LG washer doesn’t drain properly.

Bottom Line

A LG washer not draining properly can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience, as it can lead to wet and soapy clothes and potential water damage. There could be several reasons why the washer is not draining, such as clogged filters or hoses, a malfunctioning pump, or a control board issue. It’s crucial to take swift action to identify the root cause of the problem and resolve it promptly to prevent any further damage or inconvenience. By taking prompt action and ensuring proper maintenance, you can keep your LG washer functioning optimally, providing efficient and effective cleaning of your clothes.

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