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Maytag dryer not turning on

Maytag dryer not turning on. Life in this era is so fast; we all have evolved, and our choices with many other things. We have moved from homes to flats or transferred to other countries for our work and education.

You know that apartments aren’t supposed to be that spacious in an affordable range where you can dry your clothes in the sunlight.

Also, some fabric isn’t meant to dry under sunlight because of its UV rays. So, you want an appliance that can do the job for you in a couple of minutes.

If your Maytag dryer isn’t turning on, then here are the following causes: If you have a problem with your dryer, then surely I have solutions for you as well.

Maytag dryer not turning on

maytag dryer not starting issue

Although Maytag dryers are extraordinary in performance for your laundry room, there can be Problems sometimes, and they might stop working.

Let’s see the most common problems and learn to fix them.

Dryer isn’t locked properly

Ensure that your door is closed completely to seize the door latch. During the drying process, the latch affixes the door, and when the drying process is done, and it’s time to remove the cloths, the latch opens up.

Keep a check-up on the lock and activate it properly during the drying cycle.

Conform lock before pushing start button

Check the door by locking and unlocking the door; if the door lingers, remove the cloth overlapping in the drying cycle and then again close the door with a big push.

If still there is a problem turning on, you need an up-to-date door switch.

Incorrect dryer setting

incorrect maytag dryer settings

Even after the switch is on and it still lights up, if your Maytag dryer isn’t turning on, the problem can be with settings.

It is a problem with the former appliance that an incorrect setting is selected for a load like your dryer is always on a heavy-duty load even if there is no need for heavy-duty.

For instance, Wrinkle reduction mode takes time to start, and there is a certain delay in turning on if you have selected this. Likewise, if the Control Lock is occupied, it will not begin until the control lock light explicates.

Incoming power problem

The reason for your Maytag dryer not turning on can be the power. Maytag dryer comes with a switch that you need to flip and an indicator light to check if the power is on or not.

You can confirm this by seeing the light because that light is illuminated. Some new models of the Maytag dryer come up with green light.

If it is not casting light on, then the problem is with the power supply; your switch is turned off.

Check power outlet

See if the power outlet is working by connecting it to another device. If the power outlet is working properly, then the issue is with the dryer.

Then, see the electric cord; it must be damage-free, and check if it is properly connected to the working outlet.

Blown thermal fuse

maytag dryer blown thermal fuse

The overheating is a sign that your dryer’s thermal meter is blown. The thermal meter can be located near the heating component, and it is installed to ward off fires due to overheating.

Keep an eye on air vents as they might be clogged, which will lead to a thermal fuse.

The thermal fuse is important as they prevent the dryer from overheating, and if, in any case, it stops working, then you can replace it.

Before returning it, test your thermal fuse with a continuity tester, and if it shows no continuity, then your thermal fuse has blown.

Another tester that comes will a collaborative tool kit is a multimeter, and commonly people prefer a multimeter to test their thermal fuse.


Above are all the problems outlined for your Maytag dryer not turning on. Hopefully, it will help you in turning on your dryer. If trying and testing all does not allow you, then it’s time for you to change your dryer.

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