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Maytag gas dryer not heating

A Maytag gas dryer not heating is a common issue that can cause frustration for homeowners. Whether your dryer is brand new or has been in use for a while, there are several potential causes for it not heating properly.

Fortunately, with a little troubleshooting and some basic repairs, you can often fix the problem without the need for a professional repair technician.

We will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot and fix a Maytag gas dryer that is not heating, so you can get back to drying your clothes effectively.

Maytag gas dryer not heating

maytag gas dryer not heating 2022 troubleshooting

After reading this article, you will get all the information about this Maytag dryer. The following are the issues related to the Maytag gas dryer, not heating.

Issue in the Air Flow

If you are facing such a problem, you need to check properly whether there is an issue in the airflow or not. Issues in airflow can be easily prevented by checking your dryer’s venting system.

To solve this issue, properly check the venting system and inspect it properly that what is wrong with the airflow.

This problem can easily be solved by inspecting the airflow.

Malfunctioning of the Ignitor

Another main reason your gas dryer is not working can be due to the malfunction of the ignitor. The ignitor has a coil that glows up and turns orange as it is heated.

At a specific and appropriate temperature, it is sensed by the sensor. But sometimes, the coil of the ignitor burns out.

Due to this, your Maytag dryer will be unable to produce the specific amount of heat needed.

Steps to replace the ignitor

To solve this issue related to the ignitor, you need to replace the ignitor.

  1. Unthread the screws: For replacing the ignitor, unthread the two screws that are present underneath.
  2. Unlock the tabs: Then take a knife and put it between the inner and the outer panels. With the help of this knife, you can also locate the tabs and unlock them.
  3. Disconnect the door switch: Then after this process, the next step is that you need to disconnect the door switch and wires harnessed to it.
  4. Remove the Door Panel: The next step is to unthread the screws and lift the front panel a little bit and then remove it.
  5. Remove the dryer drum: After removing the front panel, the next step is to remove the dryer drum.
  6. Replace the Ignitor: Then disconnect the ignitor from the burner tube. Perform this step very carefully. Remove the damaged or the broken ignitor and very carefully install the new one in it.
  7. Reassemble your Maytag Dryer: The last and final step is to reassemble your Maytag dryer, which is ready to use again.

Control board is malfunction

Sometimes, the control board of the Maytag dryer is not working. The control board is like the brain of the dryer. It controls all the activities of the dryer.

It gives specific functions to the dryer so that it can perform the function properly. But sometimes, the Maytag gas dryer is not working and fails to produce the particular amount of heat needed to dry the clothes.

This problem can be solved by replacing the control panel with a new one. If the control panel cannot be repaired, then you need to replace it with a new one that works more effectively and effectively and gives better results.

If your Maytag Dryer is not working after following all the steps mentioned above, try to unplug the dryer.

Flame sensor is not working

flame sensor is not working

The flame sensor is present in the burner and has its own specific functions. The function of this is to sense the heat produced by the ignitor.

Sometimes this flame sensor is not working, due to which you can face difficulty in using your dryer, and your dryer may not produce heat properly.

To solve this issue, replace this flame sensor with a new one, and the problem of your Maytag dryer not producing heat properly will be easily solved.

Solution to this problem

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the flame sensor in a Maytag gas dryer:

  1. Unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet or turn off the circuit breaker that powers it.
  2. Locate the flame sensor, which is typically found near the burner assembly at the back of the dryer.
  3. Remove the screws or clips that hold the access panel in place and remove the panel to gain access to the burner assembly.
  4. Disconnect the wires from the flame sensor by pulling them off the terminals or releasing the wire connectors.
  5. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the flame sensor to the burner assembly.
  6. Take out the old flame sensor and replace it with a new one that is compatible with your Maytag gas dryer.
  7. Secure the new flame sensor to the burner assembly with the screws that you removed in step 5.
  8. Reconnect the wires to the new flame sensor by pushing them onto the terminals or securing the wire connectors.
  9. Replace the access panel and secure it in place with the screws or clips that you removed in step 3.
  10. Plug the dryer back in or turn on the circuit breaker to restore power to the appliance.
  11. Test the dryer to ensure that the flame sensor replacement has resolved the issue.

Unplug the dryer

If your dryer is still not working and is not producing enough heat, then one thing you can do is unplug the dryer.

Remove the switch of the dryer and keep the dryer unplugged for some time. After some time, again plug in the dryer and use it.

Final Thoughts

A Maytag gas dryer not heating is a common issue that can be frustrating for homeowners. However, with the help of these possible reasons and their fixes, you can troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself without the need for professional assistance. Remember to check all potential causes, including the gas supply, the igniter, the thermal fuse, and the thermostat, and follow the recommended repairs or replacements as needed. By staying on top of your dryer maintenance and repairs, you can extend the lifespan of your Maytag gas dryer and ensure that it continues to work effectively for years to come.

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