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Peacock app stuck on loading screen

Peacock app stuck on loading screen. Peacock app is NBCUniversal’s streaming platform which covers many shows like comedies, dramas, live sports, Netflix movies, Hulu, universal studios films, and Disney plus. It offers both free and premium services for US, UK, Austria, Ireland, Italy, and German users.

After a hectic day at work, you decide to rest by watching movies and live shows on the peacock TV streaming app. But unfortunately, you don’t enjoy your favorite movie because the Peacock app is stuck on the loading screen and not working properly.

I can understand how much it is frustrating to face movie buffering problems. That’s why I have made a helpful guide for you in which you will learn how to fix the Peacock app not working problem along with their reasons.

Peacock app stuck on loading screen

Peacock app stuck on loading screen 2023

The Peacock app was started in 2020 and achieved more than 15 million premium subscribers within two years.

The users can enjoy the movies on the free Peacock version with ads. You can use this app on Android, Apple, and smart TV devices.

If the Peacock app shows a loading error and appears black screen on your smart TV, it happens because of poor internet connections, an outdated app version, and many other reasons.

When the peacock TV app doesn’t open on your smart TV, it is due to the ”out of service ” in your country. As the Peacock service is not available for all countries, that’s why this reason is known as ”region locking”.

Let’s have a look at the reasons for Peacock Tv not working.

  • Weak streaming signal
  • Corrupted app data
  • Poor internet connection
  • Outdated version of the app
  • Cache files get too full
  • Incompatible device
  • Server related issues
  • Software problems

How to Fix Peacock TV Stuck On Loading Screen?

When you experience an unusual issue on the Peacock app, you should troubleshoot the Peacock loading, buffering, frozen, stuck, and not working problems by following my successful solution tips.

1. Check the Internet Connection

A weak or poor internet connection is a major reason that causes loading errors on the Peacock android and apple TV. Minimally, the peacock app needs 3 to 8 Mbps for streaming.

Movie and shows buffering happens mostly because of the low internet speed. Therefore, checking the internet speed is necessary to ensure that your Peacock Tv gets a stable and fast internet connection.

Below are the easy steps for verifying and improving the Internet connection:

  • First, check the internet speed by clicking
  • Select the GO button in the middle of the website.
  • Wait for a few minutes; if the internet speed is less than the normal requirement, then use an Ethernet cable.
  • Monopolize your devices for a better and more stable internet connection.
  • Keep your router near the device to improve the speed of the internet. Restarting your router can also ensure a reliable internet connection.

2. Check Devices on Peacock Account

Check Devices on Peacock Account

When many devices connect to the same peacock account, it adds more burden to the streaming app, making the peacock app frozen on the apple TV. The Peacock streaming app only allows three devices on the same account.

If you give your account to your friends and family, it will not work properly at the same time.

For example, the peacock app will not work on your apple TV if you signed the account on your android mobile.

So, you should sign out all the devices from your account for the proper functioning of the Peacock streaming app.

How to Check the Number of Devices on the Peacock Account?

Here are the easy steps for verifying the number of users that are connected to your Peacock account:

  • Start with opening the Peacock TV app on windows.
  • Select the account icon on the top right corner of the window.
  • Verify the devices connected to your account by finding the devices tab icon.
  • Then, sign out of all the devices except your apple TV and enjoy the movie without a loading error.

3. Update the Peacock App

It is necessary to update the app to prevent the Peacock app from slowing down, buffering, getting a black screen, loading errors, screen getting stuck, and freezing.

The older version of the app shows errors and buffering issues. Every latest version solves the bugs and increases the app’s performance.

You can update the app by considering the following steps.

  • First, install the Peacock Tv app on your mobile phone and TV.
  • Then locate the app on your front screen.
  • Visit the app regularly and check whether the update is available.
  • If available, press it and update the app.

4. Clear the Cache Data

Clear the Cache Data of Peacock App

Another reason that causes your Peacock Tv streaming app gets stuck on the loading screen and buffering problems are the corrupt data and cache.

The cache is actually a virus in the app that makes the device slow by duplicating the data and enhancing the memory.

So, if you want to prevent your peacock app from frozen on Sony TV, you should clear the cache data.

Below are the easy steps for clearing the corrupt and cache data:

  • First, search and open Settings in the Peacock app.
  • Select Apps and Notifications and press it.
  • Then select the peacock TV from the app.
  • Find the storage and cache
  • Then select the clear cache and tap the clear storage.

5. Check the Server

The Peacock buffering problems and not working issues occur due to the server outage. As I have described earlier in the article, this service is not available in all countries and regions.

For example, when somebody lives in the southeast part but can’t enjoy the live shows because the service is unavailable in the southeast region.

You can inspect the server status by opening the Downdetector’s Peacock status page and checking the service outage. You can also check the server down status information from the official Twitter website.

6. Restart the Device

If you observe the Peacock app problem persists and there is a delay in streaming, then your device may have a problem. You should consider restarting your device when the above methods do not solve your app buffering issues.

That’s how you can restart your android phone and iOS device:

  • Hold your android phone for a few seconds.
  • Select the Restart
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • If you have an iOS device, then tap the Assistive Touch on your iOS device and select Device > More.
  • Lastly, press the Restart

7. Reinstall the Peacock App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Peacock app can also help you to solve the app’s problems. You can fix the software issues by reinstalling the Peacock app. Keep remembering when you reinstall your app; you will again sign in to the account.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can now easily handle the Peacock app stuck on the loading screen issues by reading my article. You can use all the above efficient techniques by identifying the cause of your TV app problem. In the end, I will say that the Peacock app is a great way to cut boredom by enjoying the movies. Although some problems occur during the streaming, but you can fix them successfully.

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