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Vacuum Cleaner Belt Keeps Breaking

vacuum cleaner belt keeps breaking

Vacuum cleaner belt keeps breaking. A vacuum cleaner is a valuable tool in almost every home nowadays, as it is an easier way to get rid of dirt and dust.

Vacuum cleaners are very time and energy-efficient. We waste most of the time cleaning with a broom, and in the end, brooming doesn’t even give us the results we were hoping for.

Hence, vacuum cleaners consume less energy; with them, we can achieve the purpose of cleaning as they come with many advanced features.

However, there are cons to vacuum cleaners too, and with time they can get problematic. You should not worry as we will be helping you out; if you’re facing the breaking belt problem, then you’re on the right site. If your belt is broken, that means your machine is useless.

Vacuum Cleaner Belt Keeps Breaking

vacuum cleaner belt keeps breaking issue

Firstly, let’s look at the reason behind the belt breakage of your cleaner again and again, and then we will give you solutions to solve your belt issue.

Indications that your vacuum belt is going bad:

Always know that prevention is way better than cure. Machines are wonderful when they’re going fine; however, if they break, they can get worse with time and give a very tough time.

Keep a checkup on signs which shows that your vacuum belt is on the edge of destruction. You can always replace your belt; it is not a difficult task infect replacing is quite easy, yet if you see the below-mentioned signs, then you may need to get the latest belt for your machine.

  • If your vacuum sounds like it is screaming, then the problem might be with the belt.
  • If you stink the peeling rubber, then check your belt.
  • If cleaning results are not as good as they used to be, then check the belt.

There are a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at them,

Step 1: Recognize which type of belt your vacuum uses

Without a doubt, the function of the belt is the same for every vacuum; however, it should be kept in mind that various models of vacuum cleaners are available on the market, and they are designed for a specific type of belt.

Hence, before purchasing a vacuum, know which kind of belt will go for your model. In this way, you will not face the problem of belt breakage over and over again. Instructional manuals are there to help you out; look at them for your mentioned belt.

Step 2: Install the belt properly

Make sure that you’re appointing the belt correctly; if not, it will lead to the breakage of the belt in no time.

Usually, the belt is inducted atop of the spindle motor and subsequently on the brush roller. While installing, adjusting the belt with appropriate tension might get crafty on the bush roller because of the tension.

Still, this tension is unavoidable as it makes the roller spin properly. Hence, ensure that you’re installing the belt properly; if not, it will break your belt quickly.

Step 3: Don’t overheat the belt

Check your vacuum regularly as pieces might be stuck in it that will cause you problems. Usually, the belt smashes as it runs atop the border of a rug, which results in tearing or snagging.

Due to this, the belt overheats and regrettably breaks. Always purchase a vacuum that is gear-driven.

Step 4: Swap your belt frequently

vacuum cleaner belt breaking issue

Keeping a belt for a long period will lead to its breakage. Always change your belt within the time span of six months; if you don’t change it, the belt will lose fitting from all over the brush looser.

Further, the lose belt will affect the brush roller as it will not work on maximum productivity. In any event, keep extra belts on hand; this will help you in a time of need.

Step 5: Use a Cog belt vacuum

A cog belt should be your priority whenever you’re purchasing a belt, as these kinds of belts are effective and useful.

This will turn off the machine whenever the brush roller is ripping or tearing. These types of belts are less likely to break very quickly.

Step 6: Keep your vacuum clean

Keep your entire machine neat, not only the brush roller, as the clean machine works more efficiently.

The dust and dirt in your vacuum will restrict the sucking of your machine, and that will cause friction to your roller, which will lead to the breakage of the belt.


What is the most important part of a vacuum cleaner?

The motor is the heart of a vacuum, and the internal fan, filter, and powerhouse are also necessary parts of a vacuum.

What should you do not vacuum?

Hair, fire ashes, coins, and other small items.

Can water break a vacuum?

Yes, water can damage the motor of a vacuum; if it has reusable trays, water can cause damage to it.


Those mentioned above are the reasons for your belt breakage; keep them maintained, and you will hopefully not face further issues with your vacuum.

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