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Why is my refrigerator making noise

Why is my refrigerator making noise. Lately, refrigerators have more value in our households than humans. We can’t imagine our life without a fridge, as this appliance has eased our lives so much that now it is impossible not to own one refrigerator.

Refrigerators should be called live safer as they bring so many benefits, such as it saves our energy and time if we do not have a fridge.

This power can be consumed by shopping every other day for fruits, vegetables, meats, and so many eatables.
Therefore, it is necessary to maintain our refrigerators because this is the only source that stores our stuff fresh and soulful.

One common problem which every refrigerator owner faces is the noise issue. The problem reported by the home appliances companies is that their refrigerator is noisy.

It is not a big problem; we have mentioned the reasons behind the noise of your refrigerator and how you can resolve that noise issue.

Why is my refrigerator making noise

Why is my refrigerator making noise issue 2022

Usually, refrigerators make noise when they are running, but that noise is not so disruptive that it will affect your everyday activities.

With improved technology, the latest refrigerators don’t even make noise when running, but you might hear some noise when you open the door.

But that’s not loud either. If you’re hearing an odd noise coming out of your refrigerator, there can be various reasons behind that disruptive noise. Let’s see what those causes are and how you can resolve them.

Refrigerator Level

Every refrigerator has adjustable legs, and sometimes this level can get out of line. So, your refrigerator is making loud noises because it is not leveled properly.

You can adjust the legs of the refrigerator until it reads correctly. You can check the level of your refrigerator by a spirit level.

Solid Item along the Refrigerator wall

The one possibility behind the loud noise coming out of your refrigerator can be that something too close is placed inside your refrigerator walls.

For example, glass jars, their vibration when touched by the walls can make that cluttering noise. Just move these kinds of solid items away from the walls of your refrigerator.

Damaged or Blocked Fan Blade

There is a vent located between the freezer and the fresh food section. If you notice your refrigerator closely, you might be able to find the area where the disruptive noise is coming from.

If that noise comes from the fan of the fridge, then the fan’s motor is damaged. You can inspect if this is the issue by checking it physically, and you need to dissemble your refrigerator.

Sometimes the fan can get dirty because of its frequent use. For that matter, you need to replace the fan blades of your refrigerator.

Condenser Coil Tubes

There are condenser coil tubes behind the back of your refrigerator. Their function is to protect your refrigerator from overheating.

If you move the fridge away from the usual place, then there might be chances that these condenser coil tubes have bent over towards each other, and there are now in the position that these tubes can touch each other.

This can cause metallic noise coming from behind of your refrigerator. All you need to do is check the coils and do not try to correct them; this will cause more damage.

You need to replace these bents, and if your refrigerator is more than 10 years in usage, then it is not costly for you to replace them because it is now time for them to get replaced with new ones. Hopefully, after finding the root cause of your noisy refrigerator, you no longer have to deal with it.

Water Inlet Valve

Water Inlet Valve

If your refrigerator makes noise sometimes a day, not the whole day, then the reason could be a water inlet issue.

The mineral deposits can build up if the water is hard, which can cause a noisy refrigerator, or the water inlet is faulty, which is why it is not functioning properly.

You should keep checking on your water filter and get it changed sometimes; if you have not changed it in a while, then that’s why the refrigerator is making noise.


The most popular refrigerator that is used in most households is that which comes with a freezer.

If you own that refrigerator, then there are flat damper; its purpose is to open and close between the freezer and the fresh food compartment or refrigerator.

The cool air reaching your food comes from the freezer because of this flap. It can get dirty with frequent use, and the grime can stick on these flaps, leading to creaking noises.

What you have to do is when you’re checking motors, do check the damper too as if it is dirty, then probably that’s why your refrigerator is making noise. Clean these flaps out, and you’re good to go.


There is not only one motor in your refrigerator infected; there are several other motors too, which can get damaged.

Some of them, when getting out of order, means they fused or get damaged then these motors made loud grinding noises.

The motors you should keep a check on are two, one is a condenser fan motor, and the other one is an evaporator fan motor.

Do not forget to check the bearings of your refrigerator; they might be the cause of noise coming out of your refrigerator.

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