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Why is my washing machine dripping water inside

Why is my washing machine dripping water inside. A washing machine is a modern appliance that is designed to make our lives easier. However, when it starts to drip water inside, it can quickly turn into a headache.

There are various reasons why your washing machine might be dripping water, ranging from simple issues like loose hose connections to more complex problems like a damaged pump or a worn-out seal. This problem can cause water damage to your laundry area, and if left unaddressed, can lead to further damage to the machine.

We’ll explore some of the possible causes of a washing machine dripping water inside and potential solutions to help you fix the issue.

Why Is My Washing Machine Dripping Water Inside

washing machine dripping water inside 2022 guide

The following are some reasons or problems that need to be fixed to get your washing machines to work normally.

Washer Is Damaged

Sometimes an issue or leakage in the washer also causes the water to drip into the washing machine. To see if there is any problem with the washer water inlet valve.

Sometimes there is a leakage in the valve that causes the water to drip, or even sometimes due to the clogs and blockage; the valve becomes blocked.

So, while replacing the washer, also check if there is any clog or particle of dust in the washer or not to ensure that the water doesn’t drip into the washing machine.

Water Hose Malfunctioning

A washing machine typically has water hoses at the back of the washing machine. Sometimes there is a hole in the water hose, or the hoses become damaged for any reason.

This causes the hoses to leak, and water starts dripping into the washing machine. Also, sometimes when the water pressure is not that high, the hoses begin to leak due to relatively low water pressure.

Broken Tub cover

Every washing machine has a tub cover gasket. This gasket acts as a seal and separates the outer tub from the inner tub.

Sometimes, this gasket becomes damaged or broken, and as a result, the seal is broken, resulting in water leaking. This causes the water to drip during the spin cycle of your washing machine.

Damaged Drain Pump

washing machine drain pump issue

If your drain pump of the washing machine is not working properly and is damaged or broken, or even disconnected, then this will result in minor inconveniences such as leakage or dripping of water.

The purpose of the drain pump is to suck the water out of the washing machine; if the drain pump is not working properly, the water starts dripping.

This drain pump is generally connected to its particular hose, but sometimes it becomes disconnected, and due to the loss of connection, water starts dripping.

Water Surface Switch Malfunctioning

Another reason for your washing machine not working might be your water level switch malfunctioning. This switch indicates how much water needs to be filled in and when the amount of water needs to be stopped.

Sometimes this switch gets broken, and due to this damaged water level switch, the washing machine cannot keep a check on the sufficient amount of water which causes the water to drip. This damage could result in both overfilling or leakage of water.

Door Catch Is Damaged

Another common reason for dripping water is a faulty door Catch. Loose door catches sometimes cause the water to leak and drip in the washing machine. So, to avoid this get the door catch repaired.

Drain Pipe Plug Not Removed

When you remove the hose, a drain plug needs to be removed. This plastic plug needs to be removed so that the machine can function properly.

Sometimes, the dripping and leaking of water are also due to this plastic plug.


How much does a washer inlet valve cost?

The washer inlet valve is not much expensive. It doesn’t cost too much. You can get a new washer inlet valve at a low price.

Typically, the price of a washer inlet valve starts from $30 and varies depending on the type of washer you buy.

How can a hose get damaged?

The hose generally present at the back of the washing machine gets damaged due to any hole, particle, or clogging that may result in blockage. Sometimes the hose also gets damaged or broken due to heat

How can I fix my leaking washing machine?

Washing machines can leak due to many reasons. If you want to solve this problem and fix your washing machine, the foremost thing is to find out what is the reason or what is the cause that is causing the water to drip or leak in the washing machine.

Once you have got to know the reason you can easily repair the washing machine. If it is due to any damaged or broken hose or due to damage to a gasket, or a drain pump, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

A washing machine dripping water inside is a frustrating and potentially damaging problem. The cause of the issue can range from a simple, easy-to-fix problem like a loose hose connection to a more complex, costly repair such as a worn-out seal or damaged pump. It is essential to address this problem as soon as possible to avoid water damage to your laundry area and any potential safety hazards. Regular maintenance and proper usage can help prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. With the right care and attention, your washing machine can continue to serve you reliably for many years.

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