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Why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is

Why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is

Why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is. The refrigerator needs no introduction. It is a need of every household nowadays.

Gone are the days when people used to cook food every day and buy fruits and veggies the other day because they didn’t have such appliances.

Refrigerators are no more a luxury; it is a basic necessity! In this modern era, we need more time, and going to the market daily is very time and energy-consuming.

Hence refrigerator is a lifesaver. This appliance saves time by storing our leftover food and keeping our fruits, veggies, and other eatables fresh and natural.

With improved technology, various brands are promoting their refrigerators with unique features. Each differs in storage, cost, appearance, design, size, and many more.

Most of the population prefers buying a refrigerator with a freezer as it is a safe option. It will not only store the food but also keeps our favorite food items frozen.

Refrigerators with freezers not only cool water but also freeze that into ice, which is amazing. A fridge is only a very cost-effective and energy-efficient appliance.

Why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is

Why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is 2022 guide

Your ice is great in the freezer, but the food you leave in the refrigerator to get cool is not cool. You do not need to be anxious; stay cool, as we will help you out.

It is not a big problem; there can be various causes behind your fridge not cooling up. We have mentioned each reason and the solution so that you can fix it.

Vents Obstruction

There are vents at the side or back of the refrigerator. Food items can get stuck in these vents, which block them.

Blocked vents don’t maintain the consistent temperature of the fridge and don’t allow the air to circulate properly.

That’s why your fridge is warm. You need to inspect the vents and remove the stuck debris from them. This will work, hopefully.

Loose Door Seals

Over time the seals of the door of the refrigerators can loosen up. These magnetic seals are also known as gaskets; these seals do not let the cold air in the fridge move out.

You can test the seals of your refrigerator by putting a piece of paper in between and pulling it out. If the paper slips, the seal is loose; it’s time to replace them with a tight one.

Replacing them is quite easy. You can do it by yourself. Look at the manual guide of your model and work accordingly.

Dirty Condenser Coil

An uncleaned condenser coil is another reason behind your fridge not cooling, but your freezer is cold. These condenser coils remove the heat from the air that circulates in the refrigerator.

If these coils are dirty or grimy, they won’t expel the heat of the air properly.

Before cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coils, don’t forget to unplug your refrigerator from electric power. You can clean them by using a vacuum extension hose or by brush.

After cleansing, plug your refrigerator in to see if the issue is fixed.

Defective Evaporator Fan Motor

Evaporator fan is faulty

The function of the evaporator fan motor is to blow cold air over the evaporator coils.

If the fan motor breaks down or fails, then probably that’s why your freezer is cool but your fridge is warm.

With the correct replacement parts, you need to replace the fan motor of your refrigerator to eliminate this problem.

Faulty Thermistor

To monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator thermistor is installed. It is called a temperature sensor.

If it gets defective, that can be another reason your fridge is not cooling, but your freezer is cool.
You can test it by using a multimeter. If it’s faulty, it must be replaced with a new one.

Temperature Control Board

Temperature Control Board

The temperature control board is installed in the refrigerators because it provides the fan motors and compressor voltage supply.

This temperature control board can get malfunctioned as well. You should also check this to see if it’s a problem.

Damper Control Assembly

The damper control assembly opens and closes to get in the cold air in the fridge. In some models, it is manual or automatic.

If it is not opening properly and not letting in the cold air, then that’s why the freezer is cold, but the fridge isn’t.


Your freezer is cool, but the fridge isn’t. It is because you have glutted your fridge with food items, which made the refrigerator’s temperature high.

The only way to solve this problem is not to overstuff your fridge. Overstuffing stops the air in it; hence don’t overfill your fridge. Always keep it at ¾ capacity.

It will allow the air to circulate properly, and the temperature will be balanced too.

Failed Defrost System

Another reason behind your problem could be that the defrost system of your refrigerator is failed. Failing to defrost the system can make the freezer cold but your fridge warm.

The only way to fix this is you need to call the professional who can help you out with the defrost system failure problem.

Final Verdict

We have mentioned most possible causes behind your fridge not getting cool, but your freezer is cool. We hope this article will help you troubleshoot and diagnose your problem.

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