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AO Smith water heater beeping

AO Smith water heater beeping. Are you puzzled about why your home AO smith water heater beeps and makes odd noises? These beeping noises emit from the tankless AO water heater alarm you that there is an error that will affect the functioning system of the water heater.

You should not ignore the water heater’s beeping sounds before it becomes a serious issue and should resolve the problem immediately for its proper functioning.

In this article, I will reveal different reasons that cause your AO smith water heater to produce different noises. You will also learn here how to fix the water heater issues that keep beeping.

AO Smith water heater beeping

AO Smith water heater beeping 2023

AO Smith heater is the world’s best heater brand that ensures high quality gas, electric and water heaters. The AO water heaters stay longer and more stable than the other brands in the market.

These water heaters are available in different sizes and models, from 20 to 85-gallon storage capacity. However, it induces some problems after a long term of usage. You don’t need to worry; you can easily fix the problem from my guide.

If your AO smith tankless water heater creates odds sounds and keeps beeping, it may be due to the following different reasons:

  • Water and gas leak
  • Faulty water heater sensor
  • Overheating unit
  • Faulty thermostat
  • High pressure
  • Overloaded system
  • Air blockage
  • Circuit board failure

Let’s go into detail about each reason and understand how to solve the water heater errors correctly:

1. Leak

The most common cause of the beeping in the AO Smith water heater is the water or gas leak.

Any leakage from the heater will damage the home, especially gas leakage. Water leakage will cause rust and corrosion in the heating unit.

You can determine a water leak easily by observing the water pooling at the base of the heater. However, it is a little tricky to detect a gas leak.

Best Tip:

When you notice the leak, you should shut off the water supply and gas feature of the AO heaters. After turning off the unit’s power, clean the area where water is accumulated. It’s better to drain and flush the unit when you notice gas and water leakage.

I recommend you to call a technician to check it out and call the gas company for the gas leakage. Don’t try to solve it by yourself.

Note: Regularly check and inspect your water heater to prevent leaks and corrosion.

2. Overheated Unit

The alarming sounds in the water heater indicate that your unit’s temperature has exceeded and become overheated than the usual temperature limit.

The maximum temperature of the water heater is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the temperature of the internal unit increases by 200 degrees, it will create beeping sounds.

The exceeded temperature will damage the internal parts of the water heater and cause fire outbreaks in your home. A faulty thermocouple causes the water heater to become overheated.

What to Do to Prevent the Unit from Overheating?

You should turn off the thermocouple and thermostat to prevent the AO smith water heater from overheating. This step will protect your home from fire damage.

3. Faulty Thermostat and Malfunction Sensor

AO Smith Water Heater Faulty Thermostat and Malfunction Sensor

A faulty water heater sensor and thermocouple are also the major reason for making the warning sounds in the AO water heater.

A sensor regulates and maintains the temperature of the water heater, while a thermostat plays a role in controlling the temperature of the tankless heater.

If the sensor is not functioning accurately, it will overheat the unit and fluctuate the temperature of the heater.

How to Fix it?

When the thermostat and water heater sensor malfunction, you should replace them with a new one for the proper functioning of the AO Smith water heater.

Following are the easy steps for replacing the thermostat and sensor in the water heater:

  • Firstly, power off the AO smith water heater.
  • Remove the cover and expose the thermostat.
  • Then remove the faulty and old thermostat.
  • Put the new thermostat in the same place correctly and reconnect the wires.
  • Place the panel back and turn on the power of the water heater.

4. Blockages and Clogs

Sometimes, beeping sounds occur in the AO Smith water heater due to blockages and mineral deposits. The blockages will lead to water being less hot and damage the unit.

When minerals like calcium and magnesium deposit in the heater due to a hard water supply, the water heater’s efficiency will be reduced.

Even the clogs affect the function of every component of the heating unit, including the thermostat, pressure valve, sensor, and other heating elements.

How to Stop Water Heater from Beeping Due to Blockages?

By the descaling method, you can remove mineral deposits and blockages from your AO Smith water heater. You can also flush the heater with vinegar and water to eliminate the excessive minerals.

Below are the instructions on how you can stop the annoying beeping from your water heater by the descaling method:

  1. Start with turning off the power unit of the heater.
  2. Take the descaler solution, hose, pump, and bucket for descaling the water heater.
  3. Shut off both the hot and cold isolation valves.
  4. Remove the caps from the isolation valve.
  5. Prepare the descaler solution by mixing a quarter of the descaler in one bucket of water.
  6. Attach one side of the hose to the cold isolation valve and connect the other end to the pump.
  7. Put the pump in the bucket wisely.
  8. Then connect another hose to the hot valve and attach the other end to the bucket.
  9. In the end, turn on the water heater and clean the water heater thoroughly for about an hour.

Note: Clean and maintain the water heater accurately to prevent blockages and mineral deposits.

5. Too Much Water Pressure

When the water pressure flow is too high in the water heater, this will also lead to odd and annoying sounds from your AO Smith water heater.

Sometimes, water pressure entering the home becomes higher, which the water heater can’t handle.

The maximum capacity of the water heater is 150 psi; above this limit, the heating system will overload. Too much water pressure is not only harmful to the pipes but also causes damage to the water heater.

What to do?

You should consider checking the water pressure and ensuring the correct limit of the water to your water heater to prevent the unit from beeping.

Note: Never make the mistake of opening the unit before diagnosing the problem.

6. Circuit Board Failure

AO Smith Water Heater Circuit Board Failure

Another probable reason which causes the water heater to start beeping instead of warming your home water supply is the failure of the circuit board.

Quick Tip: Switch off the circuit board or flip off the breaker box to stop the beeping sounds of the water heater.

How to Reset AO Smith Water Heaters?

As I have mentioned above, the AO Smith water heaters have various causes of beeping sounds. When your water heater is not functioning well and does not heat the water, you should try the best fix ‘‘resetting” method. Performing a reset in the heating device will let the unit to its original settings.

In this part, I will describe the easy steps for resetting the AO Smith water heaters.

  1. Power off the water heater from the main power source.
  2. Then, wait for a little time before disassembling the top panel of the heater.
  3. Mostly, AO Smith uses white foam to cover the essential parts of the heater. Remove the white foam covering.
  4. Next, press the red reset button.
  5. Lastly, switch on the power supply from the main source.

This reset method will stop the beeping sounds coming from the water heater. If the beeping sounds do not stop, you should need to call a technician.

Final Words

Now you better understand how to fix the AO Smith water heater beeping issue. I hope you have managed to solve the irritating noise problem of the water heater with the above successful methods. Sometimes, beeping sounds signal the error codes, which you can solve by checking the user manual information.

Contact a licensed AO Smith repairer if unusual noises persist in your water heater. In the end, I suggest you to clean and flush the water heater regularly to prevent potential problems in the future.

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