Bosch crystal dry not working

Bosch crystal dry not working. In modern times, if you don’t have a dishwasher in your kitchen appliances. You’re so much behind the world. Owning a dishwasher can ease your life as it brings many benefits.

Washing dishes with hands like our grandparents used to do is no longer needed; with improved technology, we now have dishwashers with various unique features. That not only clean our cartulary but also leaves it fresh and germ-free.

Dishwashers are time and energy savers. It is very time-consuming to wash each dish by hand after every meal. With a dishwasher, you can avail that time to do other important stuff.

Dishwashers not only save you time and energy it saves water. Wasting this precious natural resource, such as water, by washing dishes by hand is not a good idea. Dishwashers consume very less water as compared to washing your dishes by hand.

We believe one should be conscious when searching for kitchen appliances like dishwashers because dishwashers not only add luxury to your life, it has now become a necessity for almost every household.

Many brands in the market are selling dishwashers, but they are either way much expensive or are not reliable at all.

Bosch is the only reliable and trustworthy brand regarding home appliances. Bosch models always come with advanced features.

Also, with every new model, it improves its quality, and also, their dishwashers fit the budget of anyone; they are not costly at all.

They have launched their crystal dry dishwasher, which has so many unique functions and is a very energy-efficient appliance. You no longer need to worry about electric bills.

Moreover, this advancement allows you to wash your plastics in the dishwasher without worry. Crystal dry model is very inexpensive too. Hence, it’s a good purchase for you.

The company often complains that its crystal-dry dishwasher is not working or leaves dishes wet. It is a very common problem; you can fix that without the help of an appliance repairer.

Bosch crystal dry not working

Bosch crystal dry not working issue 2022

We have mentioned below the causes and solutions for your problem. Let’s fix it at home.

Over-crowded dishes

The one cause behind your Bosch crystal dry not working or not drying your dishes can be that you have overloaded the dishes.

Overloading or overcrowded dishes block the airflow to reach every dish, which is why your dishes are still wet and not cleaned.

The Bosch crystal dry dishwasher has three racks designed for several dishes.

Top Rack

The top rack in the dishwashers is reserved for the cups and glasses, even for bowls. Don’t put anything larger than these dishes, as it will block the airflow and draining of the dishwasher.

Bottom Rack

The bottom rack is reserved for the serving plates and bigger bowls. Just place them upside down so the better air can reach them and your dishes are dried properly.

Silverware Basket

This basket is for your dirty forks, spoons, and knives. Put them in a separate basket compartment so the airflow will not be blocked.

Wrong Unloading

Wrong Unloading

All this time, you’re worried about why your Bosch crystal dry isn’t drying your dishes, but you’re unloading your dishes in the wrong order.

Just like overcrowding the dishes leaves them wet likewise, unloading incorrectly can also leave the dishes wet.

You should always unload the bottom rack first, as unloading the top rack can fall the water onto the below dishes. That’s why your Bosch crystal dry is not drying the dishes.

Rinse Aid

The purpose of a rinse aid is to sparkle the dishes; however, you can also add a rinse aid for a drying agent. It alters the surface tension of water droplets, which makes your dishes dry easily and effectively.

Bosch crystal dishwasher manual guide can tell you how to add rinse aid correctly in your dishwasher.

Other Drying Options

Bosch crystal dry dishwasher comes with a lot of improved and unique features. There are strong drying dishwasher cycles, such as Auto Cycle Setting or Extra Dry function.

Run your cycle on these functions; this will also help if your Bosch crystal dry is not working and drying out your dishes properly.

Faulted Heating Element

heating element malfunction

The other cause behind your Bosch crystal dry dishwater not working can be the faulty or damaged heating element of your dishwasher, which is normally located at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Turn off the power supply to check the heating element and get the power rack out. Inspect any damage to the heating component.

You need to change the faulty component, as it can’t be repaired.

Dirty or Damaged Drying Fan

The Bosch crystal dry dishwasher isn’t working because the dishwasher’s drying fan is damaged or can be grimy over time. That’s why it is not drying out your dishes.

Switch OFF your dishwasher’s power supply, remove its main cover, and check the fan. You can inspect it with your hands, and if it’s damaged, it needs replacement; if you notice any dirt or grime, clean it.

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