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Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle

Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle. If you are a person who doesn’t like to do the dishes and if you want the dishes to be done in significantly less time.

Then you must consider using a bosch dishwasher because the bosch dishwasher is the best invention so far that helps to get your work done in only a few minutes.

Sometimes, your bosch dishwasher suddenly stops mid-cycle; even if you try to run it repeatedly, it will not work. So, instead of worrying, you must follow the steps to get your bosch dishwasher to function normally again.

Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle

Bosch dishwasher stops mid cycle 2023 guide

Here are the reasons why your Bosch dishwasher stops mid-cycle:

Broken door latch

If your bosch dishwasher stops mid-cycle, a damaged or broken door latch can be one reason.

The door of a bosch dishwasher is there so that the water doesn’t splash out of it.

So, if the door of the bosch dishwasher is closed, water will not splash out, and the bosch dishwasher will continue to work, but once the door is opened, the bosch dishwasher stops automatically.

So, if your bosch dishwasher stops mid-cycle, it can be due to a broken or damaged door latch that is causing the dishwasher to stop.

Another reason for the bosch dishwasher stopping the mid-cycle can be loose screws or if the bosch dishwasher is not installed correctly that causes it to stop.

Fuse is tripped

Fuse is tripped

If any of your appliances in your home is consuming too much energy, then to save it from electrical damage, the fuse automatically trips.

You need to reset the breaker so that the fuse works again automatically. So, this can be one of the reasons why your bosch dishwasher stops the mid-cycle.

Thermal fuse is blown

Nowadays, dishwashers come with a thermal fuse. The purpose of this thermal fuse is to stop the bosch dishwasher automatically when it is overheated. Due to excessive heat, the bosch dishwasher might get damaged.

So, to prevent it from damaging, a thermal fuse is installed in a dishwasher. The thermal fuse might be tripped due to overheating, which might be why your bosch dishwasher stops the mid-cycle.

To get rid of this problem and resolve this issue, you need to replace the thermal fuse. Also, check the internal wiring of the bosch dishwasher to see whether it is functioning normally.

Sometimes water leaks also result in short circuits, which can cause the bosch dishwasher to stop the mid-cycle.

Control board is not functioning

The Control board is the main brain of the bosch dishwasher that controls all the activities. It generally sends the signals then the parts perform their required functions.

But if the control panel is not working and is not sending the signals needed for any reason, then that might stop the dishwasher’s proper functioning. As a result, the bosch dishwasher would stop the mid-cycle.

Damaged Motor

Damaged Motor

Most of the functions of a bosch dishwasher are controlled by its motor. The function of this motor is to control the flow of water, providing the bosch dishwasher with enough pressure to let the bosch dishwasher work normally.

But if due, for any reason, the bosch dishwasher is not working, then one of the reasons can be the malfunctioning of the motor.

If the motor is not providing enough pressure, then the bosch dishwasher cannot proceed the normal functioning, and as a result, it stops the mid cycle.


There can be several reasons why your bosch dishwasher is not working or what’s gone wrong with your bosch dishwasher that is stopping the mid-cycle. This is a kind of problem that needs to be solved, ad this can cause a problem for you if you need to be solved it in time, as you will not be able to wash your dishes.

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