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Bosch dryer NOT drying

Bosch dryer not drying. A Bosch dryer is a comprehensive home appliance that uses electricity and has many uses.

Due to many unknown reasons, the bosch dryers can stop working, and they don’t produce enough heat. This can be due to some technical issues in your dryer. Now, you can easily solve this issue yourself without taking any from a professional.

If you are facing some drying problems with your bosch dryer that is not drying the clothes properly, then there must be something wrong with your dryer that needs to be fixed.

Bosch dryer NOT drying

Bosch dryer NOT drying 2022 guide

The following are the reasons why your bosch dryer is not heating up.

Overloading of the dryer

One of the main reasons your bosch dryer is not working and is not drying up can be due to the overloading of the bosch dryer.

This is one of the common reasons you can face drying problems with your bosch dryer.

Sometimes many clothes are crammed into the dryer, making it difficult for the dryer to work efficiently and effectively.

Putting too many clothes in your bosch dryer indeed paves the way to break down and ultimately damages the dryer.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be easily solved by placing the normal amount of clothes in the bosch and not exceeding the clothes limit.

Flame sensor malfunction

Another reason for the bosch dryer not working can be the malfunctioning of the flame sensor.

The flame sensor is present in the burner and has specific functions. The function of this is to sense the heat produced by the ignitor.

Most of the time, this flame sensor is not working, due to which you can face difficulty in using your bosch dryer, and due to this, your dryer may not produce heat properly, and you can face the problem of our bosch dryer not drying properly.

Solution to this problem

To solve this issue, you need to simply replace this flame sensor with a new one, and the problem of your bosch dryer not heating up properly can be easily solved.

Vents are not cleaned

Vents are not cleaned

Other reasons that your bosch dryer is not working and is not drying up properly can be due to problems in the airflow, the venting system of the bosch dryer, or the vents are not cleaned properly.

If you are facing such a problem, you need to check properly whether there is an issue in the airflow or not. Issues in airflow can be easily checked by checking your dryer’s venting system.

Solution to this problem

To solve this issue, properly check the venting system and inspect what is wrong with the airflow. This problem can easily be solved by inspecting the airflow, and you can get rid of your bosch dryer not drying up properly.

Control board issue

Sometimes, the control board of the bosch dryer is not working. The control board is like the brain of the dryer. It controls all the activities of the bosch dryer.

It gives specific functions to the dryer so that it can perform the function properly. Most of the time, the bosch gas dryer is not working, fails to produce the specific amount of heat, and stops drying the clothes properly.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by replacing the control panel of the bosch dryer with a new one. If the control panel cannot be repaired, you need to replace it with a new one that works more effectively and effectively and gives better results. This way, you can solve the problem of the bosch dryer not heating up.

Thermal fuse is not functional

Thermal fuse is blown

Bosch dryers also have a thermal fuse in them. These are the safety switches of the bosch dryers.

The thermal fuse in any bosch dryer is one of its prime and primary features, as it plays a vital role in its normal functioning.

The thermal fuse of a bosch dryer is its advanced feature. The primary purpose of this thermal fuse is to prevent the dryer from becoming too hot. Damage or any problem in it can cause problems for you.

Solution to this problem

To solve this problem, you need to replace this thermal fuse, open the dryer, and go to the thermal fuse part. After you have located the thermal fuse, you can quickly fix it. Then by losing the screws, you can install a new thermal fuse in your bosch dryer.


If your bosch dryer is not working and is not drying up correctly, then you don’t need to get worried. By following some easy and simple steps, you can quickly fix your bosch dryer without professional help and easily solve the problem of your bosch dryer not drying the clothes.

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