Can you put crocs in the dryer

Can you put crocs in the dryer. Crocs are made from croslite polymer, which is very different from rubber and plastic. This polymer is very porous and is also filled with natural resin.

When the polymer experiences a very high temperature, then due to this, it begins to change negatively. These crocs can be very easily cleaned in your dryer.

When it comes to buying home appliances, one of the best ones out there is no doubt the dryers. These dryers are one of the most useful and trusted appliances by all its customers all over the country. They are used by everyone nowadays as they offer many benefits.

When it comes to drying, the dryer is the first choice of almost everyone. Most of the time, due to any unknown reason dryer stops working or has any other issue; there must be a technical problem. These dryers can be used to dry a lot of things.

When you buy a dryer, you need to know what can be dried in it. You can often not dry certain types of things in a dryer. While sometimes, crocs can also be dried in a dryer.

Drying dirty crocs by hand and then drying them without a dryer can be tough and hectic. Drying these crocs in a dryer makes your work a lot easier.

The answer to the above-mentioned question is yes, as long as you take the proper precautions and try not to dry crocs made of these types of materials like leather or suede that can be. These steps are needed to get the job done without damaging your dryer.

Can you put crocs in the dryer

Can you put crocs in the dryer 2023 guide

While drying the crocs in a dryer, you must make some preparations to protect your crocs and your laundry appliances.

Before cleaning the crocs in the dryer, you need to check the manufacturer’s name before drying them and also see the instructions.

You must continue with these steps if there are no specific drying instructions for your crocs.

Step 1: Avoid high temperature

The first step is to properly check the temperature of the dryer you are drying your crocs after washing them. The temperature should be manageable, as high temperatures can damage your crocs.

Step 2: Detach the liner from your white crocs

The next step you need to keep in mind and follow while drying your crocs in the dryer is to detach the liner from your white crocs. Removing the lining from your shoes is a straightforward and fast process.

Step 3: Put Crocs in The Front load dryer

Put Crocs in The Front load dryer

Now, the question arises if we should dry the crocs in a dryer. Some kinds of crocs can also be dried in a dryer.

Most of the time, it cannot be dried in a dryer as drying in a dryer can risk and harm to both your crocs and the dryer.

So, put your crocs in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase before drying to avoid damage. Close any openings with a few safety pins or a knot to keep crocs secure.

Step 4: Select the Dry Settings of the dryer

If you’re thinking about how to dry the crocs in the dryer, then you should also know the settings you should keep in the dryer while drying the crocs.

Also, the other essential factors that need to be considered while drying the crocs in the dryer are the settings of the dryers.

While drying your crocs after washing them, avoid using high temperatures. Because using high temperatures can burn and distort the crocs permanently.

Most of the dryers have a temperature setting of about 125 to 140 degrees approximately. Meanwhile, other dryers may need more than 150 degrees to give the best possible results.

After about ten minutes, remove the crocs and dry them with a towel. The crocs are too hot when you remove them from the dryer.

So, you need a towel to avoid getting burnt due to very high temperatures. It would be best to put the crocs in the dryer for about 2 minutes and not more than that because they can get damaged if you put them for a long time and don’t check it again and again.


To conclude, the dryer is no doubt a basic need of today. It helps to perform your work in significantly less time. Now, because of this, you can efficiently perform your work in significantly less time.
And when the question comes if you can dry the crocs in a dryer, the answer to this depends on the kind of crocs you need to dry in a dryer.

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