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Dryer is not blowing hot air

Dryer is not blowing hot air. A dryer is an electric home appliance used to dry clothes and remove moisture from fabrics. It uses electricity to heat air that is then blown on the clothes to dry them.

This process is done inside a drum that is usually made of metal. The drum contains a lint trap that catches the lint produced during the drying process.

A dryer also has a thermostat that determines when to stop heating the air and start cooling the air. There are many dryers, but they are generally classified as either electric dryers or gas-powered dryers.

If you’re tired of wasting your time on the dryer, in this guide we discussed some ways to fix your dryer back to track.

Dryer is not blowing hot air

dryer is not blowing hot air issue

The dryer is an essential household appliance that can dry clothes, remove moisture from fabrics, and cleanse the lint trap.

However, some dryers are not blowing hot air, and the reason for this problem is often because of a clogged lint trap.

  1. Check the lint trap.
  2. The lint trap will be located at the back of the dryer, where the vent pipe is attached to the dryer. The lint trap has a screen designed to catch lint and debris. When you use your dryer, lint will get stuck on the screen, which could cause the lint trap to become clogged. If the lint trap is clogged, then it won’t be able to perform its function of catching lint and debris.
  3. To check the lint trap, you’ll need to remove the panel cover covering the dryer’s top. Once the panel cover is terminated, you should see a screen in the center of the dryer.
  4. Remove the screen and clean the inside of the blower. Screw things back. Your dryer would be working fine now.

Step 1: Replace the Dryer Vent Hose

The first step of fixing your dryer that won’t blow hot air is to replace the dryer vent hose. When you replace the dryer vent hose, you can be sure that you are putting in a new one that will be durable and reliable.

Step 2: Check the Belt and the Drum

dryer drum and belt

The next step in fixing your dryer that won’t blow hot air is to check the belt and the drum. The belt that is attached to the drum should be easily visible.

If the belt is missing, you can use the belt that came with your dryer. If you don’t have a belt with your dryer, you can buy a new one.

Once you have checked the belt, you can check the drum. The drum is usually hidden under this cover. You can see the drum by looking at the side of the dryer. If the drum isn’t spinning, you can replace the drum.

Step 3: Test the Dryer Vent Hose

The next step in fixing your dryer that won’t blow hot air is to test your dryer vent hose. This is a simple process. You need to plug your dryer vent hose into your dryer and turn it on.

Step 4: Test the Dryer

The last step is to test the dryer. If the dryer still does not blow hot air after the 5-minute test, you have a problem with the lint trap.


In conclusion, heat exchangers are a very important component in a dryer’s functioning. When it comes to repairing dryer heat exchangers, it is best to have good knowledge of the repair process. The problem might be caused by a clogged drain line, electrical issues, or a malfunctioning door seal. In addition, if your dryer is not blowing hot air, you must check the filter, the fan motor, and the heating elements.

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