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Dryer taking multiple cycles to dry

Dryer taking multiple cycles to dry. If you wonder why your dryer takes multiple cycles to dry the laundry and takes longer time to dry. Then don’t think anymore; it is because of airflow obstruction, overloaded clothes, dirty lint, and wrong washer settings.

Indeed, the slow drying laundry process irritates you, and you want a solution. I will guide you thoroughly on how to fix your slow dryer problem by giving you easy and effective tips.

Generally, washing machine dryers need one complete cycle to eliminate all the moisture and dry the wet clothes. Don’t worry when your dryer makes the drying procedure very slow. You can improve the speed of the dryer by reading my article carefully.

Dryer taking multiple cycles to dry

Dryer taking multiple cycles to dry 2023 guide

Dryer takes too long to dry the clothes?

It is essential to identify the cause of the washing machine dryer problem to solve the dryer accurately.

The following are the main reasons which delay the drying mechanism in the dryers; however, you can resolve the electric machine dryer issue by following my useful and efficient solution tips:

Blocked and Dirty Lint Trap

Due to the obstructed lint trap, your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry the laundry. The clogged trap in the dryer does not allow air to circulate freely and causes problems in the dryer.

The lengthy drying process not only frustrates you but also increases the cost of electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the dryer problem.

How to fix it?

You can increase the speed of the dryer when your dryer takes several cycles to dry the clothes by cleaning the lint trap thoroughly. The lint trap in the tumbler dryer gets dirty very quickly.

When debris occurs in the lint trap, it blocks the air from passing through the dryer, limiting the dryer’s process. So, you should clean the lint trap regularly or after every use. Below are the steps for cleaning the lint trap:

  • Take out the lint trap from the spin dryer by raising it.
  • Then remove all the dirt and debris from the trap by using the soft brush.
  • Clean the lint screen by using the wet cloth completely.
  • Put the lint trap securely in the dryer.

Overloaded Clothes

Overloaded Clothes

When you overload the electric dryer machine with clothes and outwear, it will cause your dryer to dry the clothes very slowly.

BEST SOLUTION: Dry Clothes in Smaller Parts

When you fill the dryer with clothes higher than its capacity, then your dryer elongates the drying procedure.

You should not overload the dryer with clothes if you want faster drying. Try to place the fabrics in smaller batches for quick and better drying.

Improper Volts

The standard electric washing machine requires 240 volts to wash and dry fabrics properly. When the volts in your home’s power outlet are less than the average volts, it delivers less electricity to the dryer machine, which makes the drying mechanism slower.

EASY TIP: Check Voltmeter Properly

  • Ensure that your home’s power outlet delivers adequate 240 volts to the electric dryer to work properly.
  • Never use an extension cord for a gas or electric dryer because it does not safely supply complete volts, which makes the dryer to operate slowly.

Damaged Heating Part

Damaged Heating Part

When the heating part in the dryer becomes damaged, it will not heat the clothes and will lead your dryer to take long hours to complete the cycle.

SOLUTION: Repair Service

You should check the damaged parts of the dryer to technician and repair it. If needed try to replace the broken part with new heating part.

Too Wet Clothes

If your washer leaves too wet attire and clothes, this will also be responsible for enhancing the dryer’s spin cycles.

Quick Tip: Spin It Again

To solve this reason of the slow drying problem, you should run an additional spin cycle or place a large towel on the load. A large and dry towel will be effective for speeding up the drying process as it absorbs the moisture from the too wet cloths.

Stuck External Vent Flap

Stuck External Vent Flap

You should check the external vent and flap of the electric washing machine carefully. As the external vent gets dirty and becomes stuck with debris, which restricts the airflow in the dryer.

Perfect Method for Fixation: Apply Oil and Lubricant

You should clean the external flap properly. Applying the oil and lubricant to the external vent is helpful for preventing extended drying process.

If the external vent flap is not open and closed correctly, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Wrong Dryer Settings

A wrong dryer setting takes forever to dry the outfits and impacts the quality of drying. For example, selecting the ”gently drying setting” for jeans and towels will affect the drying speed and quality. Therefore, it is essential to double-check the settings for the best drying function.

Clogged Dryer Exhaust Vent

Clogged dryer vents also slow the drying process because it inhibits the airflow in the dryer. So, you should clean the dryer vent pipes on every month. You can clean the vent pipes by looking the following steps:

  • Remove the vent from the dryer.
  • Then Vacuum out the vent pipe from the outside and inside.
  • Clean the dirt and debris in the dryer’s vent pipe with a soft nylon brush.
  • Insert the pipe correctly into its place.


Now you better understand how to solve a dryer taking multiple cycles to dry the clothes from my post. A faster and better drying process after correcting the dryer issue through my easy tips will ease your anxiety, save electricity, and minimize your cost of repair. I strongly recommend you to clean the dryer regularly after usage. The above methods fixes 99% of drying problems; if your dryer still takes a longer time to dry, you must call a professional technician for repair.

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