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First Alert Smoke Alarm Beeping

first alert smoke alarm beeping

First alert smoke alarm beeping. A smoke alarm is a great security measure that detects incoming smoke from any home part and turns ON the beep sound until the smoke has been cleared.

What if, in the middle of the night, it suddenly starts beeping without any smoke or hazard? It will be frustrating. Isn’t it? Well! There may be the possibility that your smoke alarm is malfunctioning.

If you are one having an issue with your smoke alarm, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing what is causing the smoke alarm to malfunction and how to resolve the issue at your end.

First Alert Smoke Alarm Beeping

first alert smoke alarm beeping issue

If you are having an issue with your First Alert smoke alarm, we have discussed common reasons which cause your smoke alarm to go wrong.

Incoming Smoke From Kitchen

If you have placed a smoke alarm near the kitchen, there is a possibility that smoke coming from the kitchen causes the alarm to turn ON. If that’s the case, you have to do three things:

  1. If you have an exhaust fan installed in the kitchen, turn it ON while cooking.
  2. Open the windows while you are cooking.
  3. If you have a fan near the smoke alarm, turn it ON while cooking.

Dust/Debris On Sensor

Over time, dust and debris accumulate in the sensor, which confuses it. So, you have to clean the sensor twice a week, and cleaning the whole smoke alarm once every three months is recommended.

Note: Don’t use any liquid or cleaner while cleaning the smoke alarm!

Weak Battery

smoke alarm battery replacement

The smoke alarm is engineered so that it Beeps when the battery is about to die, but 30 days is set before it loses its power completely.

To replace the battery, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Take a ladder high enough to reach the smoke alarm easily.
  2. Hold it with one hand and use the other hand to open the cover.
  3. Unclip the old battery holders and remove them.
  4. Clip the holders to the new battery and close the lid.
  5. Test the smoke alarm.

High Temperature At Home

If you cook more often or take a hot bath too often, your home will have a high temperature. When the high temperature reaches the alarm’s vents, it detects and turns ON the smoke alarm.

What should you do?

Try to maintain the indoor temperature. You can use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier to maintain the internal temperature.

Improper Placement

It is recommended not to place the smoke alarm in areas where the temperature is above 40F or in spaces with constant heat like the porch, kitchen, or basements.

Also, avoid installing the smoke alarm in areas with dust, debris, or grease built up, like garages.

If you have installed the alarm in the areas discussed below, you should replace the alarm’s position to avoid malfunctioning.

Loose Battery Cover

smoke alarm loose battery cover

The smoke alarm cover must be properly closed for the battery to make contact with the terminals.

If the lid doesn’t close properly, check for your specific model’s battery and buy the one which fits the console properly.

Its Life Is Over

Lastly, if the above-discussed methods don’t work, your smoke alarm’s life has ended, and you need to replace it with the new one. The smoke alarm usually lasts 7-10 years; if not maintained/cleaned, it can end in months.

If you have bought it recently, check for the warranty, and if it persists, contact the customer’s support and replace your smoke alarm.


Smoke alarms are no doubt lifesavers. However, issues can occur with the smoke alarm, which causes it to beep continuously or time by time. We have discussed some issues which cause your smoke alarm to cause problems, and we hope you have resolved the issue at your end.

Thank you for your time!

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