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Furnace Not Shutting Off With A Thermostat

furnace not shutting off with a thermostat

Furnace not shutting off with a thermostat. Not all but most of us love winters, and we’re ready for the cozy nights inside our homes.

For that, we need a reliable appliance that will heat our homes. Even if you love winters, you can’t stay cold all the time; you want to be warm and don’t wish to catch a cold in such chilled weather.

Hence, adding a furnace to your home will be the best choice. As furnaces require less maintenance and also they are budget-friendly as well. It can have a few issues but do not worry, as we are here to help you!

Furnace Not Shutting Off With A Thermostat

furnace not shutting off with a thermostat issue

If you have turned off your thermostat yet your furnace is not shutting down, below are a few steps to help you chill out your furnace.

  • Knock down the temperature pressure.
  • Restart or reset any application
  • Turn the fan off or auto
  • Swap the batteries
  • Swap the air filters
  • Examine the thermostat’s wiring

Let’s have a detailed look at each of them.

Step 1: Turn the temperature down

If you’re facing a problem with your thermostat, the foremost thing you should do is to examine and adjust the temperature.

If the temperature is extremely high, then the furnace is working very hard to reach that degree temperature and will constantly be running. Turning down the temperature will solve your problem if it is more than 80 degrees.

Step 2: Reset programs

There are many automatic functions on the thermostat, and resetting them could help if turning down the temperature doesn’t work for you.

Another reason for not turning off your thermostat could be that it is set on an automatic timer setting, and after a certain period, it will stop.

You can turn off the timer by holding the thermostat for five seconds and then restart it. The reset button might be located down the base or right side of the furnace unit.

Still, if you cannot find the reset button, there’s another option for you: removing the batteries from the thermostat for at least one, and after that, you can put them back. This will restart all the programs and shut down the previous running programs.

Step 3: Turn the face from on to off

Fan setting could be the possible reason for your furnace not shutting down. It will constantly run when set to ON, though the furnace is not generating balmy air.

A switch on the interface turns that into auto or off; the fan will not run, and the furnace will shut down.

Step 4: Swap the batteries

After all the above mention steps didn’t help you, there is more you can do to turn off your furnace, and you should change the batteries of your thermostat.

You can take the batteries out from your thermostat by pulling the front cover. The batteries would be underneath the thermostat.

After removing, install the new ones and put the cover back on, and then by pressing any button start the thermostat.

Step 5: Swap the air filters

swapping the furnace air filter

Another thing you can do is change the air filters of your thermostat. You should change them because air filters can get dusty and dirty with time.

Because of that dirt, they will stop the air from entering your furnace and keep running the furnace constantly. Moreover, the dirty air filter will restrict the hot air, and it will take longer to heat your home.

If you do the following things, then change your filter frequently you keep your windows and doors open, you smoke inside your home, your air filters are small in size, you keep your furnace on for more than 8 hours a day, and above all you have pets.

Then changing your filter after every two months will be beneficial for you. You can replace the air filter by looking into your furnace; once you find it, swap it with the new one, and before changing, purchase the filter in the same size as the one installed.

After that, wait for one hour; during this time, your furnace will shut down when it detects the new air filter.

Step 6: Check the wiring

If the problem is with the wiring of your thermostat, then it can only be fixed by a professional. Examine your thermostat’s wiring and then look out for professional help as the faulty thermostat wiring is the cause of your furnace not shutting down.


Do not be frustrated; we hope that you can shut down the furnace after all the above steps. If you can’t help yourself, then with no doubt, after reading all the six steps in this article, you know that it is the right time to call a technician.

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