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Hamilton Beach Microwave Not Working

Hamilton Beach microwave not working. Microwaves are widely used in homes, and it has now become a necessity as everyday cooking almost depends upon a microwave oven.

No doubt Hamilton Beach is a famous brand for its end products. A problem can occur in any electric appliance, and it’s normal.

In ovens, minor problems like a loose connection or less voltage are the two most common types of occurring problems. However, other factors like failing components can also cause this issue.

If you’re suffering from your Hamilton Beach microwave not working issue, Don’t worry! As always, we are here to address your issue.

So, in this troubleshooting article, we’ll be looking at possible reasons causing your microwave to stop working along with their solutions.

Hamilton Beach Microwave Not Working

hamilton beach microwave not working issue 2022

First and foremost, you should check the power supply plug. Sometimes loose plug can cause sparking, and your oven will not work. Secondly, make sure there are enough voltages. Low voltage can cause issues too.

So, if these two aren’t actual causes, check out other possible reasons discussed below:

Check the Door

The microwave will not work if your microwave’s door is slightly closed or not properly closed; the microwave will not work.

It varies from microwave to microwave, but 3-4 door switches are placed near the door latch, and their function is to stop the microwave from working.

So, make sure to close the microwave door properly. Use a multimeter to test whether the door switch is working or not. To try a door switch, follow these steps:

  1. Take safety gloves.
  2. Unscrew and remove the top cover of the microwave.
  3. Locate the control panel. Unscrew and take the board towards you.
  4. Remove panel wires. You’ll see the switches.
  5. Set the multimeter to OHMS.
  6. Keep the door opened and put multimeter wires on switch terminals.
  7. Close the door. Upon closing, if you hear a beep, the door switch is working fine. If not, you have to replace it.
  8. Test all the buttons one by one and replace them if needed.
  9. Put all the stuff back in its place and check the microwave.

Breaker Is tripped

microwave tripped breaker issue

As you know, microwave ovens consume a lot of electricity; therefore, sudden changes in voltage can trip the breaker, and it’s pretty normal.

Trace the kitchen’s mainboard and turn the breaker back ON. If still the breaker turns off, there may be a short circuit somewhere in the line or the oven.

In this case, you have to call the electrician to trace and solve the issue!

Ceramic Fuse Issue

The ceramic fuse is one of the main protective components of the microwave. Its function is to protect the oven’s components in case of any power shortage or circuit failure.

When the fuse stops working, power to the control board is interrupted and cut off. In this case, you have to replace the ceramic fuse. For this, you have to call the professionals.


How to reset the Hamilton Beach microwave?

Resetting the microwave is easy. You must press and hold the OFF/Clear button for 5 seconds. The machine will restart automatically, which means it’s now reset.

However, you can do simple, or you can say soft reset by just turning OFF the microwave and leaving it for 3 minutes before turning it ON.

How much does a microwave fuse cost?

Replacement parts are expensive when it comes to the microwave. You can buy your microwave’s fuse from amazon at a price range between 30-60 dollars.


Microwave has made our life much easier and faster. From cooking to baking, everything is at the tip of the finger. However, it’s frustrating when your microwave doesn’t work. We hope this guide has helped you solve the issue at your end. If so, don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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