How to change samsung water filter

How to change Samsung water filter. The Samsung refrigerator is a kitchen appliance that is used to perform various functions. It is very beneficial and has multiple functions.

If due, for any reason, the refrigerator stops working or faces some other technical issue or some other problem, then that can be really stressful.

Refrigerator problems that are very basic and small can be solved by yourself. They have now become one of the most basic needs of everyone out there. Now, it is nearly impossible to imagine your life without a refrigerator.

It is one of the most used kitchen appliances as it has many functions. Refrigerators also come with water filters. These water filters are there to purify the water and remove the chemicals and purify it by eliminating toxins.

In this article, you will learn how to change the Samsung water filter.

How to change Samsung water filter

change samsung water filter 2022 troubleshooting guide

You need to follow the steps while changing your Samsung water filter.

Step 1: Turn off the water supply

The first step is to turn the water supply off. This is the first and foremost step you must do while changing the Samsung water filter.

Once you have turned off the water supply, you can continue replacing the Samsung water filter.

If you don’t know how to turn it off, you can take help from the user manual that comes with the product, which has all the required information you need to know.

Step 2: Unlock the water filter

The next step is to unlock the water filter. To do this, you have to open the filter cover and then you have to rotate the filter counterclockwise.

This way, the water filter is unlocked, and you can easily remove this water filter.

Step 3: Remove the Filter

Then after unlocking the filter, the next step is to remove it. This Samsung filter can be easily removed by pulling it out straight. In this way, the filter can be easily removed from the housing.

Step 4: Insert the new filter

insert the new filter

The next step is to insert the new filter. First, you must remove the protective cap from the top of the filter to do this.

Then after this, push it straight into the filter. Turn it clockwise then, and your filter is ready to use.

Step 5: Lock the Filter

Once your filter has been fitted into its required place, the next and final step is to check whether the filter is locked properly. For this, you must ensure that the lock symbol matches the given indicator line.

Samsung filters are present to purify the water so it can be easily used and harmless. They are extremely important and are very important for any refrigerator out there.


Do you need professional help to remove this filter?

No, you don’t need help from any professional while changing the Samsung water filter. It can easily be removed by following some simple steps.

By following the steps discussed above, you can easily change the water filter without taking help from any professional.

How much time do I need to replace my Samsung water filter?

This depends on the condition of the water filter. Also, you need to change the water filter after every six months.

The purpose of a water filter inside the refrigerator is to purify and remove the toxins. So, you must change your water filter every six months to get rid of any health issues or other health-related problems.

What do I do with my Samsung after filter after I have removed it?

Once you have replaced your Samsung water filter, the next step is to throw it away because it is of no use. This filter contains many toxins and some harmful elements. So, the best you can do is to remove these filters as soon as possible and throw them away.

Is it easy to remove the Samsung water filter?

Yes, it is very easy to remove the Samsung water filter. Now, following some simple steps, you can easily remove your Samsung water filter.

How much time does it take to remove the Samsung water filter?

It doesn’t take much time to remove the Samsung water filter. It can easily be done in a few minutes. It takes a few minutes only. Within minutes, you can easily remove the Samsung water filter and replace it with a new one.


To conclude, we can say that the water filters of the refrigerator are an important tool and need to be replaced every six months to get the best results. You should not use the same filter for a very long time as the filter’s purpose is to purify, and filters also contain some harmful components. So, you must ensure that you replace the water filter when needed.

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