Kwikset smart key wont turn

Kwikset smart key wont turn. A Kwikset smart key is a type of lock. This Kwikset smart key is more like a modern lock and key system.

This special kind of Kwikset smart key helps the people using this system or the owners of the house to get their locks to reset easily, and the locks can also be easily rekeyed.

This plays an important role as it is essential in every household. Plus it is modern and has many benefits. This Kwikset smart key also helps to program all of your keys into a single door lock. This technology is extremely helpful and is full of benefits.

Another advantage of this Kwikset smart key is bump proof and pick-resistant. This ability of this Kwikset is due to the presence of five wafers that make it bump-proof.

The one thing about this Kwikset smart key that makes it special from all the other key sets is the presence of a small keyhole. This keyhole is Kwikset smart key special feature and is not generally present in all the different key sets.

Kwikset smart key wont turn

Kwikset smart key wont turn issue 2022

Sometimes, your Kwikset smart key can also stop working and will not turn on. With the number of benefits this Kwikset smart key provides you with, it can also be sometimes stressful for you.

In this situation, you don’t need to get panic, and you have to solve the problem on your own. The following are the steps or ways to turn on your Kwikset smart key easily.

Step 1: Door is opened or not

The first step that you have to follow while fixing your Kwikset smart key is to make sure that your door is open or not.

Because it cannot be fixed while the door is closed while fixing your Kwikset smart key, make sure that the door in which you are fixing the lock is open.

Step 2: Insert the functioning key

Then the next step is to enter the functioning key into the lock. This is the next important step while fixing your Kwikset smart key. After you have inserted the key into the lock, you can proceed further.

Step 3: Insert the smart key learn tool

Insert the smart key learn tool

The next step is to insert the smart key learn tool into the smart keyhole. This is also a necessary step while fixing your Kwikset smart key.

Make sure that it is fully inserted, and you may also hear a click sound in it when you insert it into the keyhole.

Step 4: Remove the smart key

Now, the next step is to remove the smart key and the functioning key from the lock. Properly and very cautiously remove the key from the lock.

Step 5: Insert the new key

The next step is to insert the new key into the lock. While inserting the key, ensure you are properly inserting it, and the edge is touching the cylinder.

Inserting the key is the most important part because your minor inconvenience can lead to trouble for you.

Step 6: Rotate the new key

Now, your next step is to rotate the key. Rotate this key about 180 degrees counterclockwise. Also, make sure that you are not pushing or pulling the key.

Move the key in a counterclockwise direction by pushing it or pulling it. In this way, you can easily rotate your Kwikset smart key.

Step 7: Remove the new key

Remove the new key

Now, you have to pull on the new key very gently and rotate it 90 degrees in a counterclockwise direction. Now also remove the new key.

While removing the Kwikset smart key from the lock, do it gently and cautiously and ensure that you are not damaging any part.

In this way, your lock has been rekeyed.


To conclude, we can say that this new and modern Kwikset smart key is the best invention up to date as it helps you to rekey your lock easily. This is the best and the most convenient way. This is extremely helpful when it comes to locks and keys. Along with this, it is also a very easy way, and this system is trusted by many people around. This has helped a lot of people too.

Whenever you are facing the problem of your Kwikset smart key that is not turning on then now, with the help of some simple and easy steps that you have to follow, you can easily solve any of your problems. These are the simplest and easiest ways to solve any of your issues without getting worried and needing help from any professional.

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