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LF code on Whirlpool washer

LF code on Whirlpool washer. When buying washers, one of the best washers, there is no doubt the Whirlpool washers.

These Whirlpool washers are one of the most useful and trusted appliances by all its customers all over the country. They are used by everyone nowadays as they offer many benefits.

Many times it starts showing code and fails to do any work. In this type of situation, you don’t need to get panic as it can be easily repaired by yourself without taking any professional help.

LF code on Whirlpool washer

LF code on Whirlpool washer 2022 troubleshooting

The following are why your Whirlpool washer is showing the LF code and is not working properly.

Drain hose is clogged

The clogged drain hose is one of the main reasons your Whirlpool washer is not working properly and is showing the LF code.

Sometimes this drain hose is even bent or knitted; due to this also, your whirlpool washer stops draining and creates some trouble for you.

Another common reason for your whirlpool washer not draining can be the blockage of this hose.

Solution to this problem

For this, you need to try that the hose can be repaired, but if due to any reason the hose can’t be repaired, then you need to replace the hose with a new one.

Drain filter is blocked

One of the main and major reasons for your whirlpool washer not draining can be a blockage or clogging in the washer. Clogging is one of the leading causes nowadays that causes the washer to show an error code.

Many times different kinds of molds and blockages occur, and that can cause the normal functions of the washer to alter. This is due to clogging and blockage disturbing your washer’s normal functioning.

Solution to this problem

Cleaning the drain filter of your Whirlpool washer is an important maintenance task that can help prevent clogs and keep your washer running smoothly. Here’s how you can clean the drain filter:

  1. Turn off the washer: Make sure that the washer is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  2. Locate the drain filter: The drain filter is usually located at the bottom of the washer, near the front. It may be covered by a small panel that can be removed.
  3. Place a towel or container beneath the filter: Before you remove the filter, place a towel or container underneath to catch any water that may spill out.
  4. Remove the filter: Use a flat screwdriver or a similar tool to turn the filter counterclockwise and remove it from the washer.
  5. Clean the filter: Rinse the filter under running water to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. You can also use a soft brush to remove any stubborn debris. Make sure that the filter is completely clean before reinserting it.
  6. Reinsert the filter: Once the filter is clean, reinsert it back into the washer and turn it clockwise to secure it in place.
  7. Replace the panel: If your washer has a panel covering the drain filter, replace it by snapping it back into place.
  8. Test the washer: Turn on the washer and run a cycle to ensure that it is working properly.

That’s it! By cleaning the drain filter regularly, you can help prevent clogs and keep your Whirlpool washer running smoothly.

Water inlet switch is faulty

Water inlet valve malfunction

Another reason for your whirlpool washer not working properly and having some issues and displaying an LF error code can be due to the water inlet switch of the washer that is faulty or malfunctioning.

This water inlet switch is an important part of the whirlpool washer, and any issue in this water inlet switch can cause the whirlpool washer not to function normally.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be easily solved by inspecting this damaged or broken water inlet switch causing issues in the whirlpool washer. By replacing this water inlet switch with a new one, you can easily eliminate any problem related to this whirlpool washer.

Drain pump is faulty

Another common reason that your whirlpool washer is not working properly and is showing an LF error code can be due to the drain pump of your whirlpool washer.

If your drain pump is not working and is damaged or faulty, then due to this also, the whirlpool washer stops working. This can cause the drain not to work properly. Due to this, the LG washer stops draining.

Solution to this problem

To solve this problem and get rid of this, you need to replace this or get a new drain pump so that you can get rid of this problem with your Whirlpool washer and can easily fix your issue that is causing you trouble by showing the LF error on your whirlpool washer.

These are some common reasons that alter the normal functioning of your whirlpool washer and cause trouble for you. You can easily eliminate these problems and troubles by following the simple steps mentioned above.


Whirlpool washers are used by most people and are very helpful in performing the work daily. If your Whirlpool washer is not working, this can cause disturbance and trouble for you, and you need to get it solved as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

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