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LG fridge not cooling

LG fridge not cooling. LG fridge is a widely used kitchen appliance used by most people. This LG fridge is an electrically powered and thermally insulated appliance.

This is used for many purposes also. The most common use of an LG fridge is to keep your food preserved and cold.

If you face any such kind of problem, you need to check the LG fridge properly as it is a serious issue and needs to be resolved as soon as possible because if not solved, this problem can cause trouble.

LG fridge not cooling

LG fridge not cooling issue 2022

The following are the reasons why your LG fridge is not cooling.

Air vents are blocked

One of the most common reasons you are facing problems with your LG fridge is the blocked air vents.

Most of the time, the air vents of your LG fridge get blocked due to different food items that are in their way and causing the air vents to get blocked.

As a result, your fridge is not working like normal and is not cooling enough.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be easily solved by properly checking and inspecting the air vents of your LG fridge. You need to check the air vents properly.

If you notice any food item in its way, remove the thing coming in its way or avoid such a problem and solve the problem of your LG fridge not cooling enough.

Door seal is broken

Another common reason that your LG fridge is not working can be due to the gasket or the door seal of the refrigerator that is broken or damaged.

If due, for any reason, the door seal or the gasket of your LG refrigerator is not working, then you can face the problem of the LG fridge not cooling properly.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by closing the door of your LG fridge and checking if you see any gaps or leaks in the seal of the door of your refrigerator.

If you notice that the LG fridge door seal is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one to avoid such problems and inconvenience.

Condenser coils are not clean

Condenser coils are dirty

If your LG fridge is not cooling, then one of the reasons can also be the dirty condenser coils of the LG fridge.

Sometimes the dust particles accumulate inside the condenser’s coils then, which can cause it not to cool correctly; as a result, the LG fridge stops working, and sometimes it doesn’t cool too.

Solution to this problem

You need to inspect and check the condenser’s coils to solve this. These condenser coils are at the back of the LG fridge, and most of the time, they are at the bottom of it.

To clean these condenser coils, the one thing that you can do is to take a vacuum cleaner, or you can also use a brush to clean these coils. After these coils are cleaned, the problem of your fridge not cooling will be solved.

Ice maker malfunction

Ice maker is present in every LG fridge, and its function is to make ice. This LG fridge also has an ice maker or a dispenser that plays this role in it.

There is a copper tube that runs from the ice maker, and this tube goes into your LG fridge. Leaks can occur at any place in the ice maker.

These leaks cause the ice maker not to make ice; as a result, you can face the problem of the LG fridge not cooling.

Solution to this problem

You need to check appropriately behind the LG fridge and see if you notice any leaks or damage in your LG ice maker.

Also, inspect properly if the connections are tight enough. If you notice any connection is loose, then tighten them. In this way, you can avoid such problems.


Most of the time, problems in different parts of the LG fridge cause the refrigerator to not cool enough. So, properly inspect all the areas of the fridge and see what is causing the LG refrigerator not to cool sufficiently, and due to these, you are facing problems. Also, often due to the exceeding refrigerator capacity, your LG fridge stops working, so make sure what is causing the problem.

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