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Pool loses water when pump is off

Pool loses water when pump is off. Did you plan to take a dip into the pool but are worried about noticing that the water level in the pool is lower than you filled? And this thing makes you confused about why your pool loses water even when the pump is turned off and where does water go when pool leaks.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to figure out the reason for water leakage in the pool. The water loss in the pool occurs due to some natural conditions, mechanical, structural, and plumbing problems.

In this article, I will help you to spot the cause of water loss in the pool and also talk about the efficient solutions to stop the water leak.

Pool loses water when pump is off

Pool loses water when pump is off 2023

Usually, water loss happens in the pool gradually; therefore, it remains unchecked until it becomes a serious problem.

Naturally, the water level drops in the pool because of evaporation, temperature changes, humidity, windy conditions, splash out, and the use of the heater during swimming.

Another reason for water loss in the pool is the leakage because of over-usage of the pool. The water leaks happen in the pool due to the following reasons:

  • Structural problems
  • Plumbing issues
  • Mechanical damage
  • Loose or broken fittings
  • Damaged pipes
  • Misuse

Why Pool Loses Water When Pump is Turned Off?

When your pool loses water whenever the pump is off, you should consider the mechanical issues first. Finding the water leaks in the pool with an automatic fill device is a little tricky.

However, you can determine the water leak in your pool by noticing the green algae growth. The excess of algae growth occurs in the pool due to the imbalance of chemicals.

If you are a vinyl pool owner, you can detect the leak by checking a skimmer. You can spot the water leak when the pump is turned off by finding a water drop in the skimmer side. A damaged skimmer can also be a reason for a leak in the pool.

Another main reason that causes your pool to lose water when the pump is turned off is the damaged skimmer pipe.

Any leak in the skimmer pipe will lead to the water escaping. Turning ”on the pump” in the pool can help to prevent the water from escaping.

A rusted drain also causes water loss in the pool when you turn off the pump. Check the drain line carefully.

Best Possible Solution

Following are the ways to stop water loss in a pool in pump-off condition.

  • Keep your pool clean regularly to stop the growth of green algae.
  • Remove debris in the pool with a soft-bristled and vinyl brush to prevent algae growth.
  • Use a vinyl patch kit and clear vinyl sealant to repair the liner leaks.
  • Use pool putty, silicone, and plaster mix to fill the small cracks in the pool.
  • Repair the leaks permanently with EZ Patch 1.
  • Replace the skimmer and pipe to prevent water loss in a pool.
  • Contact an expert to fix a pool leak if you are unable to find a leak and solve it.

How Much Water Loss In a Pool Is Normal?

How Much Water Loss In a Pool Is Normal

On average, a pool consists of 18,000 to 20,000 gallons of water. The amount of water lost in a pool differs according to the weather conditions and the pool’s total surface area.

A pool drops 60 to 120 gallons of water per day because of the evaporation process in drought conditions.

Shrubs, trees, and sun rays also enhance the evaporation process, which resultantly causes more water loss in a pool.

Tip to Prevent Water Loss Due to Evaporation

  • A liquid pool cover helps you in stopping water loss in a pool from evaporation. It is a chemical that creates an invisible barrier in a pool.
  • You can prevent water loss from evaporation by using shade and screens around the pool.
  • An automatic safety cover is the best method to stop water loss in a pool due to evaporation.

Note: Replace the pool cover every month.

Below are some water loss scenarios in a pool:

1. Pool Loses Water All Day

Normally, you will notice that your pool loses ¼ to ½ inches of water in humid and dry environments due to evaporation. The pool loses 2 inches of water per day during hot days because of the high temperature. You can keep your pool cool and stop water loss during summer days by placing a pool cover on the swimming pool.

2. Pool Loses Water Overnight

A swimming pool loses almost a quarter of an inch of water every night, depending on wind, humidity, and sunlight intensity. The weather conditions can change water loss rates. The summer nights lose more water due to evaporation than the winter nights. But using a heater in a pool during cold nights will also cause faster evaporation.

Losing more than half an inch overnight will indicate a leakage problem. If your pool loses 6 inches of water overnight, there will be a structural leak or plumbing issues.

3. Pool Losing Water When Filter is On

When your pool starts dropping water whenever the filter is on, then it indicates the leakage occurs in the pressure side of the plumbing system.

Likely, you may notice the water leak behind the pump’s impeller when you keep the filter on. If you find that water levels become lower when the filter is off in the pool, the leakage problem happens in the vacuum side of the plumbing system.

4. Pool Losing Water When Pump is On

If you observe that your pool loses water while the pump is on, you should check the return line first. Any damage in a pool’s return line will lead to water loss in the swimming pool.

5. Pool Losing Water When Pump is Off

In this water loss scenario, there will be a leakage in the suction side of the plumbing system. The structural leak will also account for the water loss in the pool when the pump is off.

6. Pool Losing Water Below Skimmer

When you notice that the water level becomes lower below the skimmer, a problem will occur in the skimmer.

To fix a skimmer leak, shut off the pool pump and apply pool putty or two-part moldable epoxy to that leakage part. It is better to tighten all the screws around the skimmer faceplate by using a Philips head screwdriver.

Where Does Water Go When Pool Leaks?

When you notice a pool leak causes water loss in the pool, you will definitely think about where the water goes after leaving the pool.

The water percolates into the soil and seeps into the surrounding areas. It will make soil and grass soggy. The excess water from the pool leakage may also cause damage to the area near the pool.

How to Check a Pool Leakage?

If you cannot specify whether natural conditions cause your pool to lose water or it is leakage, consider the below steps to figure out the serious water loss problem.

  1. If you use the auto-fill system in the pool, turn it off first.
  2. Then turn off the pool pump.
  3. Fill the pool with an accurate water level.
  4. Next, mark the level of water on the skimmer.
  5. Fill the bucket of water near the pool and mark it also.
  6. Check the level of water carefully and note it.
  7. Repeat the test when the pump in the pool is running.

If the level of water drops in the bucket and pool is the same, then evaporation will be the reason. But there will likely be a pool structural leak when the water loss occurs in the pool more than in the bucket.

Bottom Line

Pools are a valuable source of enjoyment, especially during hot days. You should properly take care of your pool to enhance the lifespan of the pool and check the water level regularly to determine the water leak. When you solve the water leakage problem, it will not only make you cool and calm but also saves your water bills. Call a Pool professional if you can’t stop a pool from losing water.

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