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Toilet tank leaking from bolts

Toilet tank leaking from bolts. If your toilet tank is leaking from bolts, then this is not normal as it is a kind of problem that needs to be solved on your own.

This leaking from your toilet is not normal, and this leaking can cause problems for you and most of the times this smell is due to some unknown reasons.

In most circumstances, the leakage of your toilet may be caused by a concealed inner leak caused by a defective or damaged fill valve or flush valve system. In an inner leakage, water from the storage tank leaks into the toilet bowl, making it hard to find.

Your main sense is to locate the leakage when you notice that your toilet tank is leaking water even if there is no leakage that is shown.

It is a bit puzzling and, unfortunately, common issue when you can’t locate the evidence of the leakage. Even if you cannot see the leak, there may still be a hidden leak.

The dilemma of toilet leaking from tank bolts is very widespread. Property holder typically do not want to deal with this specific trouble because any leakage is hard to grapple with.

Toilet tank leaking from bolts

Toilet tank leaking from bolts 2023 guide

Following are some reasons due to which your toilet tank is leaking from bolts and can cause trouble for you.

The Rusting Bolts

One of the most frequent reasons why toilet tanks are leaking from bolts is due to the rusting bolts.

The bolts of the toilet tanks are very expected to be made out of metal, and the toilet is moist and along with this it is also full of water and due to this the rust is unavoidable.

The toilet tank bolts are normally subjected to humidity. Corrosion or rust can produce on the bolt heads or the nut and laced part that overhangs from the toilet tank.

Rusted toilet tank bolts are caused by dripping water, dampness in the bathroom, and other reasons.

Flapper is damaged

Another reason that your toilet is not working can be due to the flapper that is not working. If the flapper has any kind of issue in it, then due to this the toilet tank can leak.

This is one of the reasons your toilet tank leaking can be due to the damaged and defective flapper.

This is one of the steps that you have to do if your toilet tank is losing water, but no leak. This is also one of the main parts of the toilet tank that plays a key role.

If you are facing toilet tank losing water problems with your toilet, then you need to check the flapper to avoid problems.

Solution to this problem

Properly check the flapper of the toilet. The inlet valve or flapper is directly on top of the flush handlebar. It builds a cover that blocks water from leaking into the inlet valve. Locate and see what is wrong with it that is causing inconvenience.

The Misaligned Bolts

The other types of the bolts of the toilet tank are the crooked or the misaligned bolts. Above and beyond the toilet tank bolts corroded, these leaks can be caused by misaligned bolts as well.

They need to get fixed and fitted appropriately, dropping no cracks or holes, and the probability of the toilet dripping from its bolts becomes bare minimum.

If feasible, you can mount a new wax washer to create a waterproof seal between the toilet and the closet extension and a new accommodating water-supply tube.

Drain pipe is clogged

Drain pipe is clogged

One of the main reasons of leakage can be due to the clogged drainpipe. Sometimes this drainpipe is clogged and due to clogging in it you can face the problem of toilet tank leaking.

Another reason of the toilet tank leaking can be due to the blockage of this pipe. First try that this clogging can be removed and you can avoid trouble and any inconvenience.

Solution to this problem

For this you need to remove the clogging. You can clean this unnecessary clogging that is causing problem for you by making a mixture of hot water and vinegar and by a small amount of baking soda also.

This mixture helps to remove the unnecessary clogging. Vinegar and the mixture of hot water is the best solution of this clogging problem and so that you can avoid all the kinds of trouble and inconvenience


So, we can conclude by saying that if your toilet tank is leaking, then there you need to keep a proper check on all the components of the toilet, and you need to check it properly on daily basis that what is causing the toilet tank is losing water but no leak.

To prevent it from further damage you need to check it properly and inspect it on daily. If your toilet is not working properly then you don’t need to get worried. By following some easy and simple steps you can easily fix your toilet without taking any professional help.

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