Washing machine leaking from back

Washing machine leaking from back. One of the most used and amazing inventions up till now is no doubt the washing machine. Washing machines are generally noisy and are used to wash your clothes in no time.

A washing machine is an appliance that everyone uses. Nowadays, it has become a basic need of every household because it helps to ease your load and performs all the work.

Compared to the clothes being washed by hand, it is very useful. Washing clothes all by yourself can be hectic and tiring.

So, now washing machines are the best to exist that perform the work miraculously in no time.

Washing machine leaking from back

Washing machine leaking from back 2022 fix

Washing machines are appliances that use water and work with the help of water.

But, sometimes, the water can start leaking from the washing machines, which can cause a disturbance in the normal functioning of the washing machine.

In this article, you will know why your washing machine might leak. The following reasons why your washing machine can start leaking from the back.

Wrong type of detergent

One of the main reasons your washing machine is leaking from the bottom is the wrong type of detergent used in the washing machine.

Too much suds in the detergent can cause the washing machine to leak. When the water you are using to wash clothes is soft and the detergent used is too hard, this can cause cracks in different parts of the washing machine that can cause leakage.

So, make sure you use the detergent that best suits your washing machine.

Solution to this problem

To solve this problem, you must check the detergent before putting it into the washing machine. After properly inspecting the detergent, put it in the washing machine.

Water valve is turned off

Water valve is turned off

Another reason your washing machine is leaking can be the water inlet valve that is turned on. You must go behind the washer and move the water valves clockwise to turn them off.

If your water valves are turned on, this can cause leakage behind the washing machine, and the pool of water starts collecting.

Another source of leakage from the back of your washing machines can be wet handles also.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by switching off the water valves and if any of the handles or connections is wet, then dry the connections properly.

Water line connections are secure

Another reason for leakage from your washing machine can be water line connections. Make sure the water line connections are properly secured or not because this can also cause leakage in the washing machine.

These connections run from valves to the back of the washing machine. Run your hand around and inspect if it is wet or not. If a line leaks or cracks, you might see the leakage from the lowest point.

Solution to this problem

If you find dampness, check and inspect from where this dampness is coming. After this, ensure that your water connections are secure enough and there is no leaking from the back of the washing machine.

Coin trap is clear

Coin trap is clear

The modern and new washing machines have a new feature: the coin trap. This coin trap is for the objects that fall from the washing machines while the clothes are being washed.

Rather than the drain getting clogged, this coin trap is used that traps all the things. Sometimes this coin trap starts overflowing. Due to this, the washing machine can also begin leaking from the back.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by clearing the coin trap. Ensure that it is not overflowing and the coin trap is not causing any leaking in the washing machine.


To conclude, washing machines are one of the most important and used appliances. It is the basic need of everyone. If it is leaking from the back, then there must be a technical problem that is causing the machine to leak.
You need to check all the components of the washing machine properly and check daily what is causing the washing machine to leak.


Do I need a professional to solve washing machine leaking?

No, you don’t need to take any help from a professional if your washing machine is facing any leakage problems.

Leakage can occur due to some simple reasons that can be easily solved. You need to know the reason for the leakage first.

Is water leaking from the washing machine normal?

No, if you are facing the problem of leakage in the washing machine while performing work, this is not normal.

Washing machines don’t leak from the backside at all. So, if you are facing some leakage from the washing machine, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible and inspect it properly.

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