Washing machine leaving black marks on clothes

Washing machine leaving black marks on clothes. A washing machine is an appliance that is used to wash clothes.

In today’s world, it has now become a basic necessity because it helps to get your clothes done in a very less time.

As compared to the clothes being washed, my hands. Washing clothes all by yourself can be hectic and tiring. So, now washing machines are the best thing to exist that perform the work miraculously.

Washing machines are there to wash your clothes and dirty clothes and clean them. But sometimes, due to any issue, the washing machine stops cleaning the clothes, and the black stains remain on the dresses even if they are cleaned.

In addition, not even stains are removed, but new mysterious stains also start appearing on your favorite clothes.

This can be really stressful as instead of getting washed; your clothes start to get new black stains that cannot be easily removed.

Washing machine leaving black marks on clothes

washing machine leaving black marks on clothes 2022 guide

Following are some reasons why the clothes can get dirty and some mysterious stains on your favorite clothes.

Washing Machine is Full

One reason why the washing machine is not working properly and is not removing the stains from clothes can be that the machine is too full and the amount of detergent and water is insufficient due to a large number of clothes that cannot be washed by machine results in not removing the stains from the machine.

So, if you are getting black stains on the clothes, just check if the amount of water and detergent is less and the number of clothes you were washing in the machine is more.

Large amount of softener of fabric

If you are getting black stains, another reason can be using too much fabric softener than normal. A fabric softener is not like a normal liquid detergent.

It is a little bit different from it, and using a large amount of this fabric softener can damage your clothes; as a result, the clothes will not be washed properly, and you will get black stains on them.

So, if you see some mysterious black stains on your clothes, just keep a check on whether you are using a sufficient amount of fabric softener or not.

Mold in the Door seal

mold in the door seal

Another common reason for getting black stains on your favorite clothes can be door seal is moldy. Due to mold, some different black-colored stains appear on your clothes.

This will not only start making your clothes look dirty but will also make your clothes black stained.

Most of the time, this mold appears in the door seal of your washing machines and causes staining on clothes.

The best way to get rid of these black stains is to get rid of these molds. To get rid of this mold, replace the door seal with a new one.

Drive belt is damaged

The drive belt is used to rotate in the washing machine that gives a spin, and as a result, the clothes are moved and washed, but if due to any technical or unknown reason the drive belt is not working, then that can result in staining the clothes black.

So, one cause of your clothes being stained can be damaged or broken drive belts.

Bearings are worn

Bearings in the washing machine are responsible for the free rotation of the drum. But if these bearings are worn down, then that can result in black stains on clothes or even rusting.

If you see this kind of mark on your clothes, you should replace these bearings as soon as possible to eliminate such a problem.

Greasy residue in washer drum

greasy residue in washer drum

Another reason for these black stains is the greasy residue left in the washer drum.

This grease and oil can be due to the clothes being washed and containing oil and grease.

Due to this, greased clothes can get black stains. To solve this problem, remove this grease from the washer with the help of a cloth.

Filter is dirty

Sometimes the dirt, dust particles, and even debris are accumulated in the filter that can cause black stains on your clothes. To remove and eliminate these stains, you need to clean the filter.


Can the black stains be removed from your clothes?

The black stains can be removed from your clothes by washing them again. But not every time the stains are removed.

Most of the time, black stains that are caused due to mold are not removed from clothes even if you wash the clothes three to four times.

So, the best way to get rid of these stains is to locate and detect what is causing these stains.

Can mold cause black stains on my clothes?

Yes, molds in the door seal and the washer can cause different stains on clothes. These stains can be black and can destroy your clothes.

So, the next time you see some mysterious stains on your clothes, remember that they can be due to molds.

Can stains be of any other color rather than black?

Yes, a stain doesn’t need to be black. Sometimes, the stain can also be of some other color, such as red or rust.

Most of the time, the stain is black caused by molds, using a large amount of fabric softener, excessive clothes, and many more.


To conclude, we can say that these black-colored stains on your clothes can destroy your clothes. Your new clothes can completely be destroyed due to these stains. These black stains can be for any reason, such as molds, rust, etc. Washing clothes is an everyday chore; if regular clothes get stained, that can be stressful. So, before washing the clothes, keep a check on these factors also.

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