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Washing machine making noise

Washing machine making noise. Washing machines are electrically powered appliances used for washing and drying clothes. The new and modern washing machines are now used for multiple purposes.

One of the washing machine’s most important functions is washing your dirty clothes. You can easily get all your work done quickly without even getting tired.

Most of the common problems you can face while using a washing machine can be loud banging noises that the machine makes while they complete the spin cycle.

Generally, the washing machines are not quiet at all. They make some noises, but if you hear disturbing noises that are not normal, you must check what is wrong with your machine.

Washing machine making noise

Washing machine making loud banging noise 2022 guide

The following are the reasons why you can hear loud banging noises from your washing machine.

Springs are loose

One of the most common reasons that your washing machine is making loud or weird noises in the spin cycle is that the springs or the straps are either dampened or loose. This can result in creating noises.

The screws or straps are used to secure the tub and keep it in place while it moves during the spin cycle. If the screws are loose, this can cause vibrations, and these vibrations cause the part to bang, which results in loud noises.

Solution to this problem

To solve this problem, you need to tighten the screws to avoid this issue and eliminate such noises coming from the washing machine.

Belt is broken

If the belt of your washing machine is broken or worn down, this can also result in noises coming from the machine.

These noises can be heard when the washing machine tries to spin or completes the spin cycle. Due to this broken belt washing machine can also not function properly.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by sliding the old belt out and replacing it with a new one. Also, ensure that the rubber of the belt is not broken and is smooth.

Because if the rubber is damaged, then this can also cause the washing machine to make loud and banging noises from the washing machine.

Drive pulley is damaged

Drive pulley is damaged

Another common reason that your washing machine is making loud banging noises can be due to the damaged or broken drive pulley.

This drive pulley is used to spin the washer. It can be made of any material. It can either be plastic, or it can also be made of metal.

Solution to this problem

You need to properly inspect the part of the washing machine causing this loud and banging noise. After this, remove this broken part of the washing machine and replace it with a new one.

After this again turn on your washing machine and hear if the noises are still coming or the problem is solved.

Bearings are damaged

If you hear unusual noise from your washing machine, this can also be due to the damaged bearings.

The bearings are parts shaped like discs, and they are present just below the tub of the washing machine.

These help it to move without any resistance. Any damage to these bearings or if the tubs are uneven can cause the washing machines to make noises.

Solution to this problem

This can be easily solved by replacing the damaged or broken bearings with brand-new ones to avoid this problem.

Motor is malfunction

Motor is malfunctioning

Another reason your washing machine is making loud and banging noises can be due to the malfunction of the motor of your washing machine.

If you overload the washer, your washing machine can start making weird and disturbing noises.

The washer has a specific limit, and overloading it damages the washer. So, ensure that you are putting the right clothes in the washing machine.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by repairing the washing machine’s motor to eliminate such inconvenience. Also, ensure you are not putting too much load in the washing machine as this can cause problems for you.


There can be many reasons your washing machine is making loud or banging noises during the spin cycle. In the article, all the reasons are mentioned because your washing machine can cause loud and banging noise and can cause inconvenience to you.

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