Water leaking from frigidaire refrigerator

Water leaking from frigidaire refrigerator. The most valuable appliance in our home today is defiantly a refrigerator.

With time it has now become a necessity for every house to have a refrigerator as they keep our leftover food which we can enjoy at any time. Refrigerators are the most valuable and reliable equipment as it keeps our food cold and fresh.

Refrigerator not only preserves our food but also stores our desserts in its freezer, which we can enjoy at any time, either day or night; we no longer need to rush towards the market to satisfy our late-night cravings. Just buy the stuff we want and keep that in our refrigerator for later.

Refrigerators add luxury to our life, and Frigidaire refrigerators are the most stylish in the market with their advanced features.

Frigidaire refrigerators make your life way easier as they are very energy efficient and come in an affordable range.

However, if you already have a Frigidaire refrigerator in your home, you’re in the safe zone as it is the most reliable brand yet; if you don’t have it, then we will suggest you buy one as it is an innovative and inexpensive brand.

Water leaking from frigidaire refrigerator

water leaking from frigidaire refrigerator 2022 guide

Water leakage is a very common problem among all brands, and Frigidaire refrigerators can leak too.

Anyway, don’t worry; we have listed the reasons for leakage to help you out and make your floor no more watery. Locating the reason for a problem is itself a solution.

Water Line Seepage

Via the water line, there’s access towards the refrigerator from your house water line, and a leak in the water line is usually the reason for Frigidaire refrigerator water leakage.

Move your refrigerator away from the water line and check the water line; if you notice water coming out, then there’s a leakage in the line.

A damaged water line or one with a weak connection with the refrigerator can be the reason for your water leakage.

Replace the damaged water line to avoid the underneath water leakage of your Frigidaire refrigerator or tighten the weak/loose connections.

Water Filter Seepage

Water filters can seep out, and for Frigidaire refrigerators, water filter leakage is a common issue; below are the various reasons for that.

Inaccurate Installation

Before installation, looks out for the manual given with your Frigidaire refrigerator for your guide, as the wrong installation can be the cause of water leakage.


The reason can be any, but your filter can be damaged, and a damaged filter is the cause of water leakage. You need to replace the damaged filter well; if it’s broken, then professional help is required.

Non-OEM Filter

After replacing of old water filter, if you’re using a non-OEM filter, then it might be the cause of leakage as the OEM is a brand that functions properly; that’s why recommended by Frigidaire.

Obstructed Defrost Void

Below the refrigerator, there’s a drain pan that evaporates the excess water coming from the defrost drain system. This drain can be blocked by the burden of ice, and that results in water leakage.

Usually, in Frigidaire refrigerators, the defrost drain is located near the evaporated coils; behind the rear panel of the refrigerator, you can take out the panel and, with warm water, melt the ice cubes. In this way, water won’t leak from your refrigerator.

Drain Tube

fridge drain tube issue

There’s a drain pan or drain tube under the refrigerator, and it can get damaged or can be cracked, which is the cause of water leaking from underneath the refrigerator.

What does this drain tube do? It transmits the water to the drain pan coming from the defrost system. If any food particle of ice is stuck in the tube, it will start leaking. You don’t need any professional help to unclog the drain tube; just follow the below steps.

  • Stop the power supply of the refrigerator for your own safety purpose.
  • Find the drain tube. The commonplace drain tube is on the floor of the freezer or maybe on the back of the refrigerator. However, check the Frigidaire manual to locate the position of the drainage tube refrigerator.
  • Look for the blockage reason. Is it ice? If yes, then defrost it and if it’s some food, then flush it with the warm water to clean the tube.

If you find nothing wrong with the drain tube, then there’s a problem with the defrost system, and that can only be solved by a professional.

Water Inlet Faucet Breakdown

The function of the water inlet valve is to open and close the refrigerator water supply coming from the water line.

If this valve or faucet is damaged, then the water will leak from underneath the refrigerator; hence when you’re checking for the water line, don’t forget to look for the water inlet valve as well. If it is damaged or leaking from a hole, then it can be replaced professionally.

Cracked Water Tank

Water tanks installed in the refrigerator can leak, and for Frigidaire refrigerators, that’s the common problem.

If your refrigerator’s water tank is leaking, do not try to patch it with glue as it won’t work for the tank; you need to get it replaced with the help of a professional or if you’re confident enough to do the replacement task by following the manual then go for it.

Hopefully, it will work for you.

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