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Where to put detergent in Whirlpool washing machine

Where to put detergent in Whirlpool washing machine. Whirlpool washing machines are a miraculous invention that helps to get your clothes done in very less time.

Whirlpool washing machines also need detergent to function. Different detergents have different efficiencies.
In this article, you will get to know where to put the detergent in the whirlpool washing machine.

After reading this article, you will get to know all the possible ways in which you can put the detergent in the washing machine.

Where to put detergent in Whirlpool washing machine

Where to put detergent in Whirlpool washing machine 2022 guide

You can put detergent in the washing machine in the following compartments.

The dispenser of the detergent on your front load whirlpool washing machine is present on the left-hand side of your whirlpool washing machine.

This detergent dispenser also acts like a drawer with about three compartments.

Compartment number 1

The first compartment, also known as the high-efficiency compartment, is the main and prime compartment. It is the one in which you put your main detergent.

You can also put a fabric softener or a stain remover in it. You can put the liquid detergent or the powder one in this. All of this entirely depends on you.

But while doing this, make sure that you are not overflowing the dispenser as this can result in leakage.

Compartment number 2

The next compartment of a whirlpool washing machine is where you add your detergent to carry out the pre-wash. In pre-wash, you wash your clothes so the stains can be easily removed.

You can also put the liquid chlorine bleach in it. You must put your liquid detergent in this compartment so the pre-wash process can occur. After this, the main wash occurs.

Compartment number 3

Compartment number 3

The third and last compartment is the fabric softener. In this compartment, you put the fabric softener or even fragrance. This compartment is the smallest of all the three compartments.

The detergent dispenser is present at the front of the machine. The detergent should be placed on the left side of the dispenser drawer and nowhere else.

If you put powder detergent instead of liquid detergent, you have to put two tablespoons for a smaller load, four tablespoons for a medium load, and six tablespoons for a larger load.

The right amount of detergent

Another important factor is to put the right amount of detergent. This is also very important. You need to put the exact amount of detergent in the washing machine.

This is an important step because using excess detergent with a small number of clothes can damage your clothes.

The right type of detergent

While putting the detergent in your washing machine, ensure that you are putting the right type of detergent in the machine.

Using harsh or hard detergent can also cause leakage in the washing machine. Along with this, it can also cause the clothes to get damaged. So, using the right kind of detergent is also very important.


Can my washing machine leak due to the wrong type of detergent?

Washing machines can leak for many reasons, and one reason can be the wrong type of detergent. Use the right kind of detergent to solve this problem and fix your washing machine.

Detergents come in all types. Make sure you use the detergent that best suits your washing machine and is not harsh enough. Also, make sure you are not putting the excess amount of detergent in the washing machine.

Along with this using harsh detergent with soft water can also cause damage to the clothes as well as this can cause leaking of the washing machine.

Can a hose get damaged if you put the detergent in it?

The hose at the back of the washing machine gets damaged due to the placement of detergent. Putting the detergent in the whirlpool washing machine has some special compartments in which you put the detergent.


Washing machines are one of the most important and used appliances. It is the basic need of everyone. Before using it, you need to know all the information and how to use it. You need to properly check all the components of the washing machine while putting the detergent in it.

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