How to stop garbage disposal from smelling

How to stop garbage disposal from smelling. Nowadays, garbage disposal has become a necessity in every home. Homeowners do not need first to collect the debris from dishes and then place them for a wash.

With a garbage disposal, the life of homeowners has become much easier as food debris is not an issue anymore because the garbage disposal as it rakes the hard food particles and passes them directly into the kitchen sink.

There are various benefits, or pros, of installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen.

The foremost is that it provides convenience by scraping the food particles directly into the kitchen sink instead of a trash bin, which makes the kitchen defragmentation way easier after cooking meals.

With that, garbage disposals reduce the landfill waste as the scrapped food debris convents into methane by decomposing properly. Also, garbage disposals protect your kitchen pipes from clogging, saving your kitchen from draining.

How to stop garbage disposal from smelling

stop garbage disposal from smelling 2022 guide

Installing a garbage disposal is not something you should be worried about as it is easier to maintain and operate.

The cherry on top garbage disposals is inexpensive and last about ten years if properly maintained. Everything which has pros comes with a con too.

And there are some cons to installing a garbage disposal, too; however, solving them is easy as this article will guide you on how to cope with your garbage disposal problem.

The most common problem homeowners usually face the odour or smell of the garbage disposal. It usually happens because of the stuck food debris in it as anything that collects waste can stink too.

So that’s why your garbage disposal is sinking too. Anyhow do not worry; we have listed some methods that will help you how to stop your garbage disposal from smelling.

Make use of Organic/Natural Remedies

Make use of Organic Natural Remedies

Pour baking soda or vinegar into the disposal as it works to kill the bacteria and its smell.

First, add baking soda and vinegar in; this will create bubbles in the garbage disposal and clean away the mineral deposits causing the unbearable smell.

Do not use bleach and vinegar as it has its fragrance, and mixing it with vinegar will create dangerous gas for your health.

If you do not have baking soda and vinegar, you can use bleach but run cold water with it. It will do your work as bleach is an acid; it will remove the bacterial germs in your sink.

One more thing you can use to get rid of the sink smell. Add borax to your sink once a week; it is a mineral which destroys odour and keeps your kitchen fresh and smelled.

Mouthwash! Yes, you read it right, mouthwash. Many people are unaware that mouthwashes can kill the bacterial odour like it makes your bad breath refreshing; it can also kill the germs in the sink. Add a half cup of it whenever you feel your kitchen sink smells.

Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic

Citrus fruits like limes, oranges, grapefruits and lemons have an acidic effect and are anti-fungal. Peel these fruits and cut them into some small pieces.

Put them in your garbage disposal and leave them for like one hour.

These will do the magic and leave your kitchen with such a refreshing smell in the air. These citrus fruits kill the bacterial odour of your sink.

Power of Ice

You can start by adding three or four ice cubes to the disposal. This will follow the stuck debris down and remove the disposal’s smell.

Leave the cubes for one hour and check the sink if it’s still smelly or not. If yes, add other material but start with the ice cubes.

Add salt with ice; this will remove the awful odour from the sink and clear the blades.

Bottle Brush

Bottle Brush

Scrub the garbage disposal with the bottle brush to remove the stuck debris. Be careful in scrubbing the disposal, and do not use your fingers to clean or scrub the disposal.

If you can’t do it by yourself, call a professional plumber to help you dispose of your garbage.

Rifle Powder

Like baking soda cleaning the blades and removing the odour of the disposal, likewise, there is a variety of scoring or riffle powders in the market that clean the blades and remove the smell of them.

Add the half cup of the scoring power to the disposal and run the cold water after fifteen minutes.

Hopefully, these methods will help you get rid of the odour from your garbage disposal.


Do not add food like meat, oil, eggs, fats and any stingy vegetable or fruit such as onion, corn and banana peel.

As these will stick around the blades and any food that remains stuck for too long will start stinking, you should avoid this food. Do not add them to the sink; otherwise, your kitchen sink will release a smell.

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