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Samsung dryer NOT spinning

Samsung dryer not spinning. Samsung dryer is a home appliance that works by electricity and has multiple functions, such as removing moisture from a pile of washed clothes.

Samsung dryers are used by almost everyone and are surely the best choice as it offers maximum benefits. It is used to dry the clothes that are washed and wet.

After you are done cleaning the clothes in your washing machine, then you can easily dry them by using a Samsung dryer.

Samsung has never disappointed its customers, and the dryers made by Samsung are of the best quality. These dryers are one of the best-selling products of Samsung.

But sometimes, you can also face the problem of your Samsung dryer that is not spinning. This can cause trouble for you.

There can be many unknown reasons why your dryer is not working.

Samsung dryer NOT spinning

Samsung dryer NOT spinning issue 2022 troubleshooting

The following are the reasons why your Samsung dryer is not spinning and causing inconvenience to you. These reasons are as follows.

Door switch is damaged

Many times your Samsung dryer stops spinning. There can be many reasons why you are facing such problems.

One common reason can be you have tried to stop the dryer by opening the door too soon or when the clothes are not dried properly, and the door is opened during the mid-cycle. This can also cause the door switch to malfunction, and as a result, it fails to spin.

This door switch also acts as a safety switch which automatically turns off when the door is opened. Most of the time, this door switch is damaged. Due to many reasons, this can happen. This alters the normal functioning of the Samsung dryer.

Solution to this problem

First, you need to get to the door switch and replace it to fix your Samsung dryer not spinning. To do this, the first step is to unplug the dryer as it is an electrical appliance.

Then you need to remove the control panel to fix it. Then remove the wires and reach the control panel. After this, you can get your faulty door switch replaced by yourself.

Drive motor is defective

Every dryer has a specific drive motor. The function of this drive motor in a Samsung dryer is that it spins the clothes and keeps the dryer moving when the clothes are being dried.

Once you put the wet clothes for drying in the dryer, the drive motor controls the working and the spinning of the clothes.

But if the motor is not working due to some unknown cause, this can result in the dryer not functioning properly and can cause problems.

Solution to this Problem

This problem can be solved by replacing the drive motor with a new one. For this, you must remove the defective motor and replace it with a new and fully functional one.

In this way, you can easily solve your problem with your Samsung dryer on your own without taking any professional help.

Drive belt is not functional

Drive belt is not functional

Another reason for your Samsung dryer, not drying can be due to the drive belt that is not functional. This drive belt is an important part of your Samsung washer.

This drive belt is long and thin. This drive belt goes down the dryer drum and the tension pulley.

Sometimes, when used, a lot breaks this belt. Due to this, the Samsung dryer can stop its normal functioning and fails to spin.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be easily solved by repairing the drive belt of your Samsung dryer. For this, you need to open your Samsung dryer and reach the drive belt of the dryer.

If it is damaged or broken, then it needs to be repaired. If it cannot be repaired, you need to replace it with a new one. So that the problem of your Samsung dryer not spinning can be solved.

Thermal fuse is not working

All the dryers have a thermal fuse in them. Similarly, the Samsung dryers so have a thermal fuse in them. The safety switch is the other name of this thermal fuse in Samsung dryers.

The thermal fuse in any Samsung dryer is one of the important features that play an important part in its normal working.

This thermal fuse of the Samsung dryer is one of its most advanced features, and it helps improve the dryer’s functions.

The main function of this thermal fuse is to prevent the dryer from becoming too hot. If the thermal fuse is not working, the Samsung dryer fails to spin.

Solution to this problem

This problem of the Samsung dryer not spinning due to the issue of a damaged thermal fuse can be solved by replacing the thermal fuse.

To replace the thermal fuse, you need to open the dryer and go to the part where the thermal fuse is located.

After you have found the thermal fuse, you can easily fix it. Then you need to lose the screws to install a new thermal fuse in your Samsung dryer.


Samsung dryers are one of the most prime and useful home appliances used by almost everyone. Due to minor inconvenience, the Samsung dryer can stop spinning. So, you need to know why a dryer is not turning on and causing problems for you.

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