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Shark vacuum brush not spinning

Shark vacuum brush not spinning. Are you having trouble with your Shark Vacuum? It is obviously irritating when in the midst of gigantic household chores, you find your Shark Vacuum Brush not spinning.

You’re looking for a way to fix it but can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Let us help you diagnose the root cause and solve the issue so that you can get back to cleaning up around your home in no time!

Shark vacuum not spinning

Shark vacuum not spinning issue 2023 guide

We have gathered down all the potential causes that might be the culprits for Shark Vacuum Brush not spinning and how to get it back on track with instant fixes.

1. Filter Damaging issues

When a Shark vacuum cleaner begins to show signs of not spinning, the first thing to consider is the HEPA filter.

This filter is responsible for trapping dirt, dust, and debris from entering back into the air. If this filter becomes clogged or damaged in any way, it can prevent suction power from reaching certain parts of the vacuum that are needed for proper operation.

Expert tip:  First, always make sure you are using the carpet mode setting. If you have the vacuuming set to floor mode, then the brush roll will not spin due to its design.

Instant Solutions:

This makes the maintenance of filters a key solution to ensuring that your Shark Vacuum is spinning correctly. Regularly check of the Hepa filter is a must to make sure the filter is secured in place and clean of any dust.

Check our step-by-step guide to changing the Hepa filter when necessary:

  • Locate the filter compartment or air outlet at the back of your Shark vacuum cleaner.
  • Carefully remove the old filter by pulling it straight out (the new replacement will slide in easily).
  • Place your new filter into position and push firmly until securely fitted. Make sure to dispose of your old used filters responsibly.
  • Reattach any covers or plugs before returning your vacuum cleaner to use.
  • Lastly, press start on your vacuum cleaner to restart the brush spinning motion, ensuring all cleaning process resumes as normal once again.

2. Problems in Electrical Components

Problems in Electrical Components

Spoiled electrical connections, arcing wires, and dirt deposits on brushes will ultimately cause your Shark Vacuum not to spin at full speed as intended.

Owing to the fact that a vacuum cleaner’s motor requires electricity in order to turn its brushes and create suction; If these electrical connections become loose, broken, or otherwise damaged, then the motor (and thus the brush) will not be able to function properly.

In addition, over time the wiring within a vacuum cleaner can become brittle and frayed from dust and other particles that enter through openings within the vacuum’s housing unit. If this is left unchecked for too long then it can lead to arcing across some of these wires causing them to melt or even catch fire in extreme cases.


A low suction force, excessive noise when operating, unpleasant odors coming out of your appliance, and even potential fire hazards all sign out that there’s something wrong with the electrical components of the Shark Vacuum.

Instant Solutions:

The solution to this electrical problem can involve a combination of troubleshooting and repair.

  • Firstly, inspect the power cord for frayed edges as well as any exposed wiring. If you detect any signs of damage, contact a qualified technician to handle the replacement procedure. DO NOT TRY ON YOURSELF!
  • Regularly clean the brushes with a soft brush or cloth; thereby removing debris buildup which will impede movement, preventing proper operation of your appliance.
  • Finally, if no other solutions appear to be working, it is recommended to take it in for professional service. This could indicate an internal malfunction that requires additional support and should not be attempted by untrained personnel due to the potential danger posed by exposure to live wires amongst other risks associated with amateur attempts at repairs.

3. Cracked Belt

Shark Vacuum Cracked Belt

The belt of the vacuum is an essential part that allows the brush roller to spin and help deep clean your carpets.

These belts are made of flexible materials that can become brittle and break over time, especially with regular use, resulting in a cracked belt.


Frayed edges or tears in the belt might be signing out the fact that the cracked belt is to blame for your Shark Vacuum not spinning.

Instant Solutions:

To replace the broken belt, here’s our how-to guide on it:

  1. Begin by unplugging the vacuum from its power source.
  2. Then, remove the bottom plate on your vacuum to expose the fan chamber, where you’ll find two spring clips – one at each end – that help secure the belt to either wheel for a drive.
    Use a flat-head screwdriver or butter knife to carefully release these clips, then slide out both wheels.
  3. Once removed, lift up over each wheel’s axle until all four ends of the old belt come loose; take care not to stretch it out during this process.
  4. After removing it from both axles, slip on one end of your new replacement belt first and securely attach it to an axle using the same clips as before.
  5. Slide back into place and repeat these steps with another axle for the remaining end of the new belt before reassembling your Shark’s bottom plate.
  6. Once everything is back together again and plugged in, your brush roll should be spinning freely!

4. LED Lights issues

LED Lights issues shark vacuum

When the LED lights on the roll indicators are not functioning correctly, they can cause a miscommunication between the sensors and the motor, preventing it from operating correctly.

Without working LED lights, your vacuum may lack proper suction power or cause other malfunctions such as suddenly stopping while in use.

Instant Solutions:

  • The first step in troubleshooting why your vacuum is not spinning is looking for red lights on the power head as it used to display green lights but now shows solid red ones.
  • This could indicate that an obstruction has caused it to switch off in order to protect itself from damage.
  • Check around and inside the suction tube or hose for anything blocking the spinning brushes or roller bar on the head of the vacuum cleaner, such as hair or thread wrapped around either component which can eventually lead to a malfunction if untreated.

5. Blockage in the Dust bins

Blockage in the shark vacuum Dust bins

The common issue with the Shark Vacuum not spinning is a blockage in the dust bins or sometimes due to them being full.

It may also be that the motorized floor nozzle has become blocked with discarded material, causing an extra load on the vacuum’s motor.

This additional burden causes a decrease in performance, preventing it from running at its optimal level and resulting in it not operating as intended.

Clean the Bins With Us!

  1. First, ensure the power switch is turned off before attempting to remove or dismantle any parts of your machine.
  2. The great thing about Shark Duo Vacuum Cleaners is that all parts can come apart easily, so if there’s an obstruction it should be relatively easy to spot and fix. Therefore your first mission should be checking and clearing out the dust cup in case something has been stuck in there; sometimes you can even see what’s blocking the suction by simply removing the cup.
  3. Check through your vacuum hose for any potential obstructions, pressing down on the quick-release foot pedal usually pops off the hose and gives you a good view of what could potentially be blocked inside there, or even dropping a small coin through it should help clear up anything significant enough to cause problems.

If these steps don’t prove effective then next up would be inspecting the motorized brush roll at floor nozzle level for any trapped debris.

  • Press down on the quick-release foot pedal once more to get access.
  • Since those often become clogged with hair which hinders their spinning performance; to help combat this try using a stitch picker (or similarly shaped knitting needle) when reaching into some areas such as near where the brush roll connects with the end cap piece so as not to damage the delicate plastic pieces while cleaning!
  • Finally, if everything else fails then consider replacing worn-out/broken belt(s) as they may need to be replaced too depending on how much use they have had over time.

Closing Thoughts

Having a Shark vacuum that won’t spin is a headache that many of us have faced. But don’t worry, with a few simple steps mentioned in our article and some elbow grease, you can put your trusty cleaning companion back to work!

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