Dryer wont shut off automatically

Dryer wont shut off automatically. The dryer is an electrically powered appliance with many functions, such as removing moisture from a load of clothes.

It is used by almost every household. It is used to dry the clothes that are washed and wet. After you have washed these clothes in your washing machine, you can easily dry them using a dryer.

If you are facing problems with the dryer, you can expect to experience some issues where the dryer doesn’t automatically shut off.

You can easily solve this problem and all the other related problems by yourself without seeking professional help. Sometimes the dryer doesn’t shut off itself and keeps churning and producing heat endlessly.

This is likely to cause the garment to sag and may even become a fire hazard over time as the garment heats up inside and becomes too dry.

Dryer wont shut off automatically

dryer wont shut off automatically 2022 troubleshooting

Fortunately, if you have a dryer that won’t stop drying, it may be easier to fix than a dryer that won’t start.

Door switch is not working

If you tried to stop the dryer by opening the door too soon or when the clothes are not dried properly, and the door is opened during the mid-cycle, the dryer automatically switches off itself.

This is known as the safety feature in all dryers. This feature ensures the appliance’s safety by stopping the dryer from rolling over when it detects that the door is open.

This feature helps the dryer from protecting people from being injured by the dryer. But if you open the dryer and the door doesn’t open automatically, this is a sign that the dryer is not working and the door switch is also faulty.

Due to an unknown reason, this can happen. In such a case, you can face two issues that must be fixed before using the dryer.

Solution to this problem

To solve this problem or to fix this issue. First, you need to get to the door switch and replace it; for this, the first step is to unplug the dryer.

Then you need to remove the control panel to fix it. After this, remove the wires and reach the control panel. After this, you can get your faulty door switch replaced by yourself.

Timer motor malfunction

timer motor malfunction

Every dryer has a specific timer motor. The function of this timer motor is that it controls the time in which the cycle is completed.

Once you put the wet clothes for drying in the dryer, the timer motor controls the period in which the clothes complete their cycle.

But if, due to some unknown cause, the motor is not working, then this can result in the dryer not turning off automatically.

Solution to this Problem

This problem can be solved by replacing the timer motor with a new one. For this, you must remove the malfunctioning motor and replace it with a new and fully functional one.

Cool down thermostat

Another reason that your dryer doesn’t shut off automatically can be due to this reason. The cool-down thermostat governs this specific function.

This thermostat controls the power that comes into the drive motor. This one causes the dryer to tremble until the temperature inside the drum is maintained and reaches a certain point.

So, if the thermostat is not functioning properly, then the dryer won’t shut off automatically, and it keeps moving even if the door of the dryer is opened. It won’t shut off automatically.

Solution to this problem

To solve this issue, you need to replace this thermostat. You have to remove the thermostat and replace it with a new one.

Cycling thermostat is not functional

cycling thermostat is not functional

Nowadays, brand new dryers have a cycling thermostat in them. These cycling thermostats are in dryers that work by the auto dry feature.

This cycling thermostat is a most advanced feature, and it helps improve the dryer’s functions. If your cycling thermostat is not working, you need to replace it.

Solution to this problem

To replace this cycling thermostat, you need to open the dryer and go to the cycling thermostat part.

This part is present by the dryer exhaust vent that is present to the thermal fuse. Then by losing the screws, you can install a new cycling thermostat in your dryer.


To conclude, we can say that dryers are one of the most important and useful appliances used by almost everyone. Due to small inconvenience, the dryer can stop working, so you need to know all the reasons why a dryer can stop working.

After reading this article, you will get to know all the possible reasons due to why your dryer is not working. Also, you will be able to solve any problem with your dryer without needing any professional’s help. After following these simple steps, you can easily fix your dryer.

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