Toilet tank leaking onto floor

Toilet tank leaking onto floor. One of the most common problems people face regarding a toilet is the toilet tank that leaks water onto the floor. These leaky toilets can be stressful as they make life miserable.

When people talk about their leaking toilets, the one thing that comes to mind is that the water is constantly running from the toilet tank, and this water is going into the bowl.

But people are unaware that this is not the only problem they have to face when it comes to the leaking of toilet tanks. There can be many other problems too. Sometimes, water leaks drop from the water tank to the floor. This causes a lot of water to waste.

This issue needs to be replaced as soon as possible because this not only causes trouble and annoyance for you but in addition to this a lot of water that is the basic need of today gets wasted due to this.

This water dripping from the floor tank also causes the bathroom floor to get wet. A wet floor can be dangerous for the people living in the house as it can cause slipping.

Toilet tank leaking onto floor

Toilet tank leaking onto floor 2022 fix

There can be many reasons your toilet tank leaks water onto the floor. The following are why the toilet tank leaks water onto the floor.

The tank is cracked

One of the common reasons that your tank is leaking can be due to the cracked tanks.

Often, these cracks appear in your toilet tanks that can cause the tanks to leak.

This can be due to the material used to make such tanks. Also, this can occur due to the usage of porcelain while making this tank.

Porcelain is durable, but when exposed to sudden issues or too old, porcelain toilet tanks also break down.

Another reason can be certain hairline cracks that can cause your tanks to leak the water onto the floor.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be easily solved by replacing the water tank with a new one as this is the best and the only possible way to get rid of unwanted cracks in your toilet tanks that are causing them to leak into the floor.

Locknut is loose

Another reason for leakage of water onto the floor can be due to the locknut that is not in its place or is not working properly.

The locknut is present, and its purpose is to keep the water supply hose to the tank. If the locknut of your toilet tank is loose and is not in place, then this causes the water to leak.

Due to this, water may start to trickle down and cause inconvenience for you.

Solution to this problem

This issue can be very easily resolved by yourself by taking a wrench and then tightening the loose locknut.

Make sure it is in its proper place and is not leaking. If even after tightening the locknut, it is not working, you may need to replace it with a new one to stop the water from tripping and making the floor wet.

Tank bolts are damaged

Tank bolts are damaged

If your tank bolts are not up to date and are damaged, then this can also cause the water to trickle down. The purpose of these tanks is to hold the tank altogether.

These bolts and nuts join the tank to the toilet. If these nuts are either damaged or are not in place, then this can cause them to function abnormally.

Solution to this problem

This problem can be solved by turning off the water supply of the toilet tank and then removing the screws, nuts, or bolts with whatever the tank is connected to.

After this, replace these old and slotted screws with brand new ones. After this, you will get rid of such a problem.

Rust in the toilet

Another reason for the toilet leaking can be due to rust. This rust can cause your toilet tank to leak water on the floor.

This can cause inconvenience to you. To get rid of this leaking, you must get rid of the rust causing the leakage.

Solution to this problem

To solve this issue, firstly, you need to turn off turn water, then flush out the water in the tank. After you have done with it, the next step is to remove the bolts and nuts or even the screws holding the tank.

Then remove the old seals and clear the area. Also, remove the rust from it. After this, put the new seals and nuts back once you finish the process.


To conclude, we can say that leaking toilet tanks can cause damage and be stressful. So, the best way to cope with it is to replace it as soon as possible. By doing such simple steps, you can easily get rid of such problems.

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